The Performance of Lifetimes: An Invitation to all Dark Cabal

curtain is down

The Performance of Lifetimes: An Invitation to all Dark Cabal

By C K Rich

Too all Dark Cabal…Congratulations and Thank You! Congratulations because you put on the performance of a lifetime…many lifetimes, for many centuries. You have mastered to pull off the largest scheme known to all wo-/mankind. Or should I say, will be known to all wo-/mankind …in the very near future.

You have enslaves us, deceived us, mistreated us, abused us, robbed us, lied to us, stolen our health and families from us. Hell, we’ve even been raped! Raped of everything we ever had and were. Our TRUE history…stolen!!

You had us believing that this messed up illusion was all real and the way that things should be. You took our livelihoods and many of our lives…literally!!!

So, for the masterful performance of lifetimes, I say congratulations.

But in the same breath, I also have to say Thank You!

Thank you for helping us all reach this point in our evolution…for being able to go forward into the higher dimensions. For allowing us to do this much faster than we ‘souls’ would have, if it hadn’t been for your masterful performance over 13 millennia of lifetimes.

But, and I’m sure you know this…the performance is over and the curtain has come down. It’s time to surrender all that was taken/stolen from us ‘The People of the World’, and silent the madness.

I know that you are acting like tired spoiled little children that don’t want to go to bed. Of course you’re tired …you been doing this for eons of time. And spoiled, because you’ve lived the life of lavished Kings and Queens and now it must end. But as that child, you must stop fighting what is meant to be, and will ultimately happen.

So I offered this invitation to any Dark Cabal member(s) out there, as I know this can be a scary process…

I will personally offer to help any of you turn yourselves in. Yes, I will walk you through that proverbial door! I will meet you, greet you, give you a big hug if needed and walk you in myself.

You don’t have to do it by yourself!  I’ll even help a group of you if needed.

There is either the easy way, or the hard way. We all prefer the easy way. But either way, you WILL be REMOVED!

I am here to help make that process easier for any who need that help.

Your time is up! Our time is here!!

It is time to handover the baton and put this matter to rest.

I can be contacted through this email: if you need my help in any way.


C K Rich


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