We Have a New Ascension 2012 and Beyond Forum!


We Have a New Ascension 2012 and Beyond Forum!

By C K Rich

It has been a long work in progress, but it’s finally ready…

The goldenageoftruth Forum is up and Brand Spankin’ New…Literally!

This has taken a lot of time, hard work and money, so we hope people enjoy and respect it!

So here is how you can get to the new forum…





You must sign up and join to be active in the forum. This is the way almost all private forums are setup.

There are only a couple simple forum rules….

Follow the ‘Golden Rule’ and treat others as you would want to be treated. No name calling to a person’s Race, Creed or Sexual Orientation type things…and no excessive bad language. So please don’t come into the forum dropping ‘F-Bombs’ and calling people bad names. just play nice with each other:)

Pretty simple, just be nice to each other and respect others!

We set this forum up to help people to be able to interact and ask questions as needed and so people could meet new friends…especially with The Event and All Events being so close.

So enjoy and we thank you for your support!

C K Rich



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