Nancy Dettweiler: A Question Many Have About NESARA

Nancy Dettweiler: A Question Many Have About NESARA

By Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Thanks to Steve Beckow

Demonstration for NESARA – Peace Palace

Hague, Netherlands

Today, June 15, 2012, I heard from a representative of a popular internet radio, asking if I have definitive proof that NESARA was actually signed into law during the Clinton administration.  Below is my answer.

The short answer to your question about NESARA is:  “No, I have not seen and do not have a copy of a legal document proving that NESARA was enacted into law.

That being said, I have to go with President Obama when Will Smith’s son asked him about the presence of aliens, “I cannot prove or disprove the presence of aliens.”

Several months ago, on the White House Petition Web Page, the official answer to the petition’s request for the government to tell the people what it knows about aliens was:  “We have no definitive proof.”

I say this to stress that because our government denies something does not mean they are telling the truth.  Those within our government who truly know about aliens or NESARA are threatened by death, torture, loss of family, etc. if they talk.

The Pentagon whistleblower known as “Drake” tells about a voluminous  PLAN formulated in great detail by the Pentagon good guys that dates back to approximately 1979 (I believe I am correct with this date).  This Plan was created because the military good guys did not like the way things in America were progressing—even back then, they perceived all the problems that are still evident today.

Until Drake told of this PLAN, the general public knew nothing of its existence.  I seriously doubt that you could get anyone in the Pentagon to verify that it does exist.

As I state in the HISTORY OF NESARA article, I chose the route of attempting to connect the dots.  Could I find proof that the tenets and possible solutions enumerated in NESARA were being discussed?  Were the problems actually occurring?  The articles I have written and posted on this blog and my website include my findings.  As I state on my website:, it does not matter whether or not NESARA was actually signed into law.  The tenets involved are being researched and discussed widely on the internet.

The 40+ demonstrations in front of the Peace Palace in Hague, Netherlands stimulated world wide interest.  So whether or not NESARA was signed into law, the idea of NESARA contributed greatly to people around the world desiring the benefits listed therein.

Chinese group signing their support for NESARA

NESARA has been present in the minds of many on this planet since at least the late 1990s.  Drake’s recent radio shows have greatly re-stimulated interest in it.

As with numerous cover-ups, we will have to wait until the dark cabal is removed to learn the magnitude of all that has been withheld from the people.

Meanwhile I, for one, know that the tenets making up NESARA will be enacted on a planetary basis as Earth moves toward ascension and the Golden Age.

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