Multi-Dimensional Operations … Say What??


Multi-Dimensional Operations … Say What??

By Kauilapele

Posted on 2012/09/04

Honestly, I have no idea what this post will be about exactly, only that something said to start moving my fingers and hitting the keys here, and the message would come out. So here we are…

I can only say that, at the moment, it feels like I am being involved in operations on a multitude of levels. Some of them are right here on the surface of this planet, with people living on the surface of this planet. Another is in the “mental” type level. Using the Brain-iac (that means, my Higher Brain, I suppose) to do stuff that I’ve never done before. Like fix my “return” (enter) key which had got so it only worked when I hit it right at this one spot, and no other. I had to pop out the key, and then figure out how to put it back, so the “return” would really, “return”. And it did!

Another level seems to be on a community type level, with groups of people all around the world. Having to learn to speak foreign languages, like English (British), Canadian, and Australian. But the group level “operating” is what I’m talking about here. And on a level that’s somehow “Higher” than the individual one. Or at least “different” in a Galactically positive growth type way.

And then there’s the level of listening to this thing I sometimes call, “Higher Guidance”. Or just, “Guidance”. Which is like hearing this teeny quiet imperative type nudging voice within. Yet it’s strong and direct and full of Joyful Power. That is what has “Joyfully Nudged” me to go on this 9-9-12 mission. (I’ll write a bit more about that later). It’s now turned into a world wide energetic surfing wave-riding party! From Australia all the way over to Ireland. Catch a wave in Perth, ride it to Hawai’i, catch the next one to Costa Rica, across the Atlantic, to the shores of Éire.

And into the pub to have a tall one with the celebration party over there. “Party there, over in Éire.”

This is a grand building up to something even more grand than probably any of us have a full grasp of what is going to transpire. But I say, let’s enjoy the ride. And if you’ve ever surfed a wave, you know… you just grab ‘em, drop in, and pull up the edge of the board and into that pipe. When it’s pau (finished), kick back out, and off to catch the next one.

Now I have no idea what exactly I wrote right here, so hopefully something came through. And I’ll keep the comments open a bit for anyone to fill me in on what I missed!!

Aloha, Kp

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