Mother Mary “ Declare Your Own Personal Independence ” July 4, 2012

Mother Mary “ Declare Your Own Personal Independence ” July 4, 2012

By AuroRa Le

★ Hello, I am Mary, Mother Creator, Star of the Sea. It is a blessing to share with you in this moment, dear Grace, and with each and every child of mine who calls the Earth their home.  While short in duration, my message today is one I hope shall prompt you to take a forward step on your evolutionary journey.  For on this day-this wonderful Day of Independence- when so many of you are celebrating the release of your country from oppression, there is far more to celebrate than simply the happenings of long ago.  This is your own golden time, Sweet Children, and you must each step up and declare your personal independence from whatever dims your light and holds you back.  It is perfectly safe to for you to do this now.  Please understand that there is nothing to fear anymore, alas there never truly was.  It is your Light and your natural predisposition to love, which is ever the most powerful force of all.  It is safe for you to unleash your holy gifts upon the world and let your light blaze brightly.   In so doing, you illuminate even the most hidden spots where dark remains. 

★ You are so beautiful, creations of pure and unconditional love.  Within your sacred blueprint lie as yet untapped talents and gifts, the qualities which mark you as you.  And whilst all are equal in mine and the Father’s eyes, you are also each perfectly unique and special.  Every one of you were carefully chosen, because of your particular  abilities, to play an irreplaceable role in the Earth’s independence.  You were selected for your bravery, experience and your particular skillset.  And no, I have not forgotten the pain you have endured, living lifetime after lifetime as one shunned and persecuted.  My heart is rich in knowing of the climate of intolerance that had long pervaded this planet and prevented you from embracing and putting to good use these gifts.  An unfortunate state of mind it was-please hear me, I say was-but now the witch hunts have ceased and no longer must you fear for the safety of yourself and your loved ones.   You must dare to be powerful.  You are powerful.    If you are a healer, so then go out and heal.  Heal in miraculous ways  in which the world has never seen.  You must show the people that they no longer have need of the old ways of doing things, which only served to make them feel saddened and ill.  If you are an orator, it is expected that you find your voice and speak or write the truth.  If your sight is clear and you hear the music of the Angels, then praytell , let the people know.  Guide them, help them.  They are seeking, whether they know it or not, so make it plain that you have within you the means to provide them the answers. 

★ There is nothing out there which can harm you, nothing at all.  At this late hour, your planet is being cradled in a cocoon of blessed love, and all is well.  I beseech you to step out of the shadows now, because the shadows shall all disappear when they are exposed to such bright sunshine.  You must declare that today is your very own Independence Day, and take a stand for love, truth and freedom.  It is what you came to do and it is the reason for your being exactly where you are, at this point in time.  Trust that the conditions for you are ideal and that the energies which bathe the Earth are working in your favor.  Be heartened that The Light is spreading fast across your planet, and it exposes everything to full view.  Not even the smallest speck shall remain above this rising sea of molten gold.  It is a sight of indescribable beauty, and it brings me no small measure of joy. 

Be of a kind and passionate heart, Sweet Children.  I bless you.

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