Misconceptions of the Galactic Federation: Part 1/3

Misconceptions of the Galactic Federation: Part 1/3

Written by Wes Annac

It can be noticed on the internet that in some spiritual circles, there are some who are still uncomfortable with the notion of extraterrestrials assisting us in our evolution as a planet. There are some who are weary of a message purported to come from a Galactic Federation of ascended and advanced beings who are not from our world, and many misunderstandings and misconceptions can be noticed in relation to our brethren within the Galactic Federation, that should perhaps be cleared up.

It is interesting to note that many are uncomfortable with the notion of the Galactic Federation, but are yet still comfortable with channeled messages that come from Angels, Spirit Guides, Archangels and so on. Is it not possible to think that advanced and evolved extraterrestrials could be included with such Guides who are assisting our world?

For many, this seems to be so and it is hoped with the giving of this message that some of the misconceptions concerning the Galactic Federation and evolved extraterrestrials in general, can be cleared up so that we can all work toward collectively Uniting in Harmony, rather than continuing to argue amongst each other about this one subject!

Misconception #1: The Galactic Federation want us to think they are our ‘saviors’ and that we must follow them to ascend or remain in a state of safety. They use channels to slowly manipulate any who follow them.

This is a common misconception that seems to be fed daily by many who do not resonate with messages given from our Galactic brethren, and this seems as well to be the core argument given by many as to why the Galactic Federation’s messages should not be followed.

Just as there are many Archangels and Ascended Masters assisting our world who would not want us to think they are our sole prophets, saviors and communicators with God, our Galactic brethren do not want to control us or make us think in any way that they are here to save us. They have stated many times through many channelers that they do not want to be looked upon in this manner, but this mindset is still garnered much of the time.

The Pleiadians via yours truly have went as far as to encourage any who do not resonate with their messages, to stop following them:

“Dearest ones, if it helps you than do not follow our words any longer.”

It can be compared to the unquestioned fixation on religion; how much many of you seem to follow our words and fixate yourselves on specific dates and occurrences.

(…) If you wish to, do not follow us or our messages anymore, as now is truly the time to turn within, to look yourselves in the mirror and see what aspects of yourselves are incompatible with ascension, with the higher vibrations….


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