Miracles Before Your Eyes – Michael Channeled by Ron Head

Miracles Before Your Eyes – Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

On this day we wish to speak with you about a momentous shift in the energy of your planet.  This has been so great that it is even manifesting in the more ‘conventional’ areas of awareness.

You can find stories about your banking structures, and efforts at reaching consensus through polling, that are no longer limited to ‘conspiracy theorists’.  The walls are breaking down.  Your future of freedom approaches rapidly now.  Every hint you see in your media is caused by vast surges of budding awareness just out of sight.

The critical mass was reached some time ago.  Even those who hoped against all odds that this would never happen, who thought their position had been secured beyond doubt, see the inevitable changes occurring now.  Castles built of sand will be washed away just as surely by a rising tide as by a tidal wave.  The onerous weight of oppressive control, war, and outright lies is about to be lifted from your backs.  You will see that this dawn will not admit only a little bit of light.  It will not change only some things.  This may be the intent of some.  It may even appear that way at first.  But this dawn will reveal all and change everything.

Celebrate each new revelation and share your joy and reasoning with all who will listen.  Remember to hold gratitude in your hearts.  Hold in your hearts and minds the intentions you have built these changes with.  Doing so will aid their smooth and peaceful realization.  Send love and light from Creator into every corner of your world that catches your attention now.  There are still many things which need to begin their radical transformations.  The love and peace, shared with every living being, will work miracles before your eyes.

We promise you that every effort you make with the intention of joining with each other and with spirit will be magnified many fold.  Your family of light is far, far greater than you can even imagine.

We walk with you, arm in arm, and we will speak with you again tomorrow.

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