Our Name, Our Messages & Motivation ~ Galactic Federation of Light 6/17/12

Our Name, Our Messages & Motivation ~ Galactic Federation of Light 6/17/12

Channeled through Greg Giles

Do not attempt in any way to steer our discussions away from their true purpose and intent, which is to serve our Creator who is your Creator, and who has decreed our mission here to bring to this world advancements that will see to the benefit of each and every being who calls this planet their home. The intention of these communications is to allow all those who wish to learn greater understandings of what is transpiring here at this time to be able to locate a reservoir of new information, teachings and updates to our mission that flow like a fountain from our collective within the higher dimensions of this universe unto you, our brothers and sisters of the planet you call Earth.

We are here with you; there are no two ways about this. Denying our presence is denying divinity in itself, for this is who we are. We are divinity in all its living, breathing, shining, emoting self. We are not separate from divinity and we are not separate from spiritual teachings. We are not separate from you, we are not separate from anyone or anything just as you are not separate from everything and anything in this universe which includes us, beings who exist within the higher realms and beings that, in order to better serve our Creator, your Creator, and the beings who call this universe home, are members of alliances such as the alliance we are a part of which you know as the Galactic Federation of Light.

We have regularly taken notice of those who voice their opinions, rather strongly at times, that we do not exist or that we may exist but are some kind of frauds, liars or con artists and are here for selfish reasons and intent. This is hardly the case. As citizens of the higher realms, we have been blessed with all that we could ever need and could ever desire. We have been given the choice to do whatever it is we wish to do with our lives. We do not have to do what it is we do, which is to travel the universe to share the gifts that our Creator has bestowed upon us. We have chosen our mission in service to others, for it is for us the most rewarding experience and expenditure of our time, energy and effort.

If you, dear ones, with everything you could ever need or want and an eternity to enjoy these gifts without the ominous threat of aging and or death, what would it be that you would chose to do with them? Would you hoard these gifts by finding a solitary planet somewhere tucked away in the far reaches of an isolated galaxy and hide them from all your neighbors who could benefit so greatly from them and who clearly suffer through lack and scarcity, limited sciences, technologies and understandings? Would you whittle away your time playing with these toys and rolling in your treasures and your wealth, or would you seek others who felt as you do, believing that it was better to spend your time helping others improve their way of life for themselves, their families and their planetary brothers and sisters?

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