Message from St. Germain by Kris Won, June 14, 2012

Lord St Germain

Message from St. Germain by Kris Won, June 14, 2012

Channel: Kris Won

Dearest Brethren:
I am addressing all of you with the sole intention of making you a request: please, don’t spend so many hours sitting in front of the TV! Believe me, there are many ways to fill up your time in this life in a more productive manner than sitting like ‘couch potatoes’, allowing all that enormous amount of images and subliminal messages to fill up your subconscious as well as your conscious mind.

Perhaps you are not aware of it, but you spend so many hours in front of your TV, picking up an enormous amount of unnecessary information, that is even damaging to your psyche and is being stored as ‘garbage’ in your mental body. On the other hand, you are also being the target of many forces that are very powerful as well as lethal, who are trying to distract you with that superfluous and banal information so that you don’t wake up to a reality that would endanger the control and domination they enjoy in those spheres of dark power.

In a manner of speaking, they are interested in maintaining you in the most absolute ignorance, in order to be able to continue devising all kinds of plans and plots to keep you under control, and therefore, deceived. Don’t think it twice, and dare to initiate a drastic change in your habits and routines; turn off your TV, or be much more selective when choosing what type of programs you will sit down to watch with your family. The idea is not to fill up your minds with images on what to consume, or how and why, or try and find out who is the murderer in a thriller series and how is the police going to capture him, or to know which team is going to win the championship final in any sport.

The idea is, rather, to learn to empty your minds of so many superfluous thoughts that keep you feeling continually restless and wanting to feed always your mind with a multi-colored fan of dull and absolutely useless topics. The system in which your life is immersed in makes you think that you need all that ‘garbage’ information with which they bombard you non-stop, so that you can feel ‘alive’. For instance, you think that you have to be ‘up-to-date’ with that impressive amount of scandalous occurrences told by the newspapers and TV newscasts, so that you devour them daily in order to chat about them with your friends; and if what you are telling them is horrifying, so much the better because that accentuates the morbidity of the conversations. Is that not so?

Don’t you realize how damaging to you is that type of frivolous and empty chatter/gossip? If you were to use only half the time you spend watching TV for meditating within on your Inner Self, your lives would change extraordinarily, and they would be infinitely more vital, useful and productive. That is, then, the purpose of my communication of today, to ask you to make a real effort to at least watch less TV or read less about what’s happening in the newspapers, and devote more of your time to go deep within yourself and look for the eternal truths, which have been carefully and jealously guarded in your inner temples. In these difficult times of economic crisis and social uncertainty in which you live now, the only available refuge lies in looking for the truth and the purpose of your existence within yourselves. Make a decision, and initiate the change that will transform you into renewed souls of deep wisdom, respect for others and unconditional Love for your Creator!

Speaking to you is your Brother in Consciousness, who loves you deeply and unconditionally.

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