June 29, 2012
Dear ones,
We come to you this day, June 29, 2012 with a great message of hope!
We are the bringers of the dawn and the family of light.
We are your family and we love you!
We have watched over you throughout the ages not interfering with your evolution!
We have indeed intervened to avoid destruction of earth and its people and to ensure the great foretold ascension goes smoothly! It’s going to happen and you can help it go smoothly!
A few earth years ago was a great call sent out by GAIA to this galaxy and beyond! She had become very sick due to harmful actions of the corporate cabal. She is resilient and this great sentient being still sustains all life on earth regardless! This is her love for you!
A date and time was set in the stars eons ago for SOPHIA-GAIA to ascend from this realm and return to the great central sun where the AEONS walk.
This date and time is recorded in the living library and is shown by all ancient indigenous calendars.
You have seen the numbers 0, 1 and 2 over and over! These are trigger numbers that active the firing of the DNA which active the light body!
12 [13] strands of DNA are currently being activated and plugged into the chakras in and surround the bodies in all sentient life on earth!
These numbers were set in the great stone of the sun as a time-encoded trigger for the light body to be fully activated!
The earth and most of its beings will ascend to the 5th dimension as scheduled on the date 12-21-2012 at 11:11am.
The archons have hated this date for millennia because they know it is there end date! They have done everything they could to cover it up and hide it from you! We have helped you remember it!
All archontic clones will be completely cleared from the earth grid by
12-21-2012 at 11:11am. This date and time were encoded by the great keepers of time. The actual archons (reptilians, greys, dracos, and other hostile races) have already been cleared from this galactic quadrant. All that is left are the clones of these entities. They have no soul and are not sentient. They are your cabal and the ones hell-bent on destroying earth and its beings and to stopping you!
We have decided recently to deviate from the prime directive for your good cause and while not jumping in until absolutely necessary we will stop these cyborg-clones from stopping you!
This is assured!
We have technology unimaginable to earth humans that makes all things possible! We are the creators of worlds and soon you will see that you are us! We are not aliens but we are human just like you! We are you from a higher dimension! We have come to meet you!
You were with us in the beginning when we created earth and you voluntarily chose to come back here in this earth time in the body to help Gaia and its peoples makes their ascension! This is what you have been up to! You know truth!
This is the great time of mankind’s freedom from tyranny!
We stand by with the Andromedeans cloaked in your skies in great ships and power to support you and ensure that your transition to freedom goes well!
Yes the prime directive has been over-ridden for your sake because what you are overcoming this day on earth had not been done in this galaxy! It is priority number one in the universe! It is your great time and you know this inside! It is time for you to break free from these lower realms that have bound you!
You have raised yourselves to a vibrational level now where you can join with us for your next level of evolution! ….


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