A Message from King Neptune of Mars– Message Channeled by Laura Tyco | 2012 Indy Info

A Message from King Neptune of Mars– Message

Channeled by Laura Tyco | 2012 Indy Info

Laura: I had a few very powerful visions of an underwater battle scene yesterday, during my crani- sacral therapy treatment. I knew then that the being in the middle of the scene, which was protecting a kingdom, wanted to speak with me as soon as possible. He was half man from the waist up, and half fish from the waist down. He was wearing a golden crown and had a trident in his hands. There were projectiles coming into the water from above, and there were also dolphins who were afraid and seemed to attack something or swim away from something.


King Neptune: Good day to you, I am Neptune, King of the Oceans. I come forward in order to relate the tales of my long lost Kingdom. Indeed, my story begins on your planet Mars. I was the Absolute Monarch of the water world, that Mars once was. Now it has a desolate surface, but water still resides at its heart and Mars is well able of sustaining life in its Inner World. Rivers and Oceans will you find there, my friends.

Laura: Thank you, I have felt your presence very strongly yesterday during my cranio-sacral therapy session. I had a few visions of an underwater battle. Also I believe your kind is half man half fish. Do you belong to the mermaid family?

King Neptune: I belong to the species you are referring to as mermaids. In fact our kind originated on planet Mars. We populated the vast oceans there, we lived in peace for a long time, we lead a simple and peaceful life. We cohabitated and shared our power with what you call Dolphins on Earth. As all beings evolving in a natural manner, we had many psychic powers and lived on palaces at the bottom of our oceans. Most, if not all the remanents of our civilisation, which is carefully being hidden from you, was underwater. Those large pyramids complex was also submerged for a long, long time. It was built by our kind.

We also lived under large glass palaces, in very large numbers, in our underwater cities. Some of us had a stronger inclination to live in line with our natural environment, and refused to settle in such buildings. While others of our kind pursued higher goals and technology. We used to have the ability to adapt to our environment, and like your whales or Dolphins, we were able to spend some time on the surface. Water was our territory nevertheless and we had to live there. Our kind is highly telepathic, and our vision would be quite similar to our brothers the Dolphins. We used to live under different set of rules from yours and under different laws of physics on Mars.

These were difficult times for everybody. Our children grew up and were never told that the Dolphins are sentient beings. Because of their appearance, we taught them they were bigger fishes, like your sharks, and dangerous. We taught our children to fear and hunt the Dolphins. Little by little, our connection with the Dolphins was broken, and we grew apart, and even engaged in small wars. The Dolphins would swim full speed crashing in our domes, and attack us in response to our using weapons against them. And we would retaliate against them harder every time this would happen.

A Message from King Neptune of Mars– Message Channeled by Laura Tyco | 2012 Indy Info

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