Marines Activate 1500 Law Enforcement Troops


Marines Activate 1500 Law Enforcement Troops


Specialized Force of Military Police Officers Activated with Powers of Arrest on U.S. and Foreign Soil.

Camp Pendleton California

The Marine Corps has created and activated 3- 500 troop Law Enforcement Battalions, their first law enforcement division in their long history, a specialized force of military police officers that it hopes can be quickly deployed worldwide to help investigate and make arrests for a wide range of crimes. Major Jan Durham said the Marine Corps has had battalions on and off since WW2, but those battalions primarily acted as security personnel. Many who are following the arrests of the members of the criminal cabal see this as good news and corroboration of reports that U.S. troops are indeed on the front lines making these arrests, and these three newly activated battalions are now on their way to join the campaign.

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