In This Manner, You Are Centered ~ Archangel Michael Channeled by Ron Head


You Are Centered

In This Manner, You Are Centered ~ Archangel Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

As the frequencies of light continue to build toward your coming solstice, we would speak to you each morning with some suggestions to help you in your ability to utilize them to the fullest.

You have known of these practices for many thousands of years, but as you know, a gentle reminder now and again can be of much help.  You often hear us ask you to center yourselves.  Let us give you a thought picture of a way to do that.

Begin by bringing these powerful energies down through your crowns and into your brow chakras.  Let your breathing bring these to you.  Open your inner eyes and see this light.  Most of you are not yet clairvoyant.  Seeing with your imagination is quite sufficient.  Let the light travel down through your center to your heart.  Feel and see it there.  Breathe in more and more of this light until it fills your entire being.  When you breathe in, bring in more of it.  Allow it to spread, and when you breathe out, breathe its love out into your world.  Imagine it knowing where it is needed and what it needs to do, for that is indeed the case.

While you are in your heart space in this manner, you are centered.  As you become accustomed to going to this space, the first breath or two with this intent will carry you there.  Use this in any situation when you need to find your peace.  You will also find that the more you do this, especially now, the more you will begin to feel these energies of light and love.

While you are feeling this, it would be the perfect time to express your gratitude to your Creator for all of the blessings of the day.  Even if it has not been the best of your days, you could begin with thanks for your life and breath.  Give thanks for the love energy that you are feeling.  You will find that once you begin in this manner, finding things to be grateful for will not be so difficult.  You will also find that over a short period of time, if you do this frequently, your entire lives will begin to change for the better.

We will make this promise to you.  If you are just beginning to use a method such as this in your daily life, we will make our presence known to you in the energies and light that you begin to feel.  We do our best to help you feel them even as you read our words.

Tomorrow we will continue in this vein.  Some of you have discovered a very beautiful way to do what we recommend as grounding yourselves.  We will share it with you.  Good day.

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