Ling Yang: China Has Become a Fast-Changing Place


Ling Yang: China Has Become a Fast Changing Place
Hong Kong

Ling Yang: China Has Become a Fast-Changing Place

Posted by Steve Beckow


Ling Yang’s email [Ling uses the western style of naming here; Zu Peng prefers the eastern] follows as promised. Ling was the second person from China after Peng to join the 2012 Scenario discussion group after Andrea’s article describing it. The group can be found at

Not only did the group swell by more than 150 members within days and the posts by hundreds a day, but the group is becoming more truly global, as we discover that nations we previously thought were not influenced by galactic, celestial and ascended master sources have indeed been following them.

I personally find it thrilling to discover that sources like SaLuSa and Archangel Michael are being read by the youth of China and assume that the same may apply to people in many other countries too.

Certainly Luisa Vasconcellos’s translation group sees that the messages appear in many other countries in their native languages as well and have been posting the best of the Company of Heaven for some time.

Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for writing to me. First of all, I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to Archangel Michael, you and the 2012 Scenario. I have been a Lone Ranger since my awakening until towards the end of last October when I stumbled on the 2012 Scenariowebsite, just a few months after we moved to Hong Kong (HK).

The recent “Connections” post by Suzi speaks nicely about the good feeling of being connected with one’s soul group as a result of both personal work and the higher energies coming to Earth.

I’ve recently been more and more drawn to AAM’s messages, feeling his energy presence either in reading or listening. Several times, he moved me to tears while my heart, literally, physically, feels the sensation of being touched. So I thank you all for your hard work and bringing in so much divine energy to your readers!

To answer your question about Baidu [Steve: Baidu is an Internet service provider] , honestly I don’t know what happened in detail. I live in HK which is a free society. I joined Peng’s Baidu spiritual group named ““Love and Light, the way back to the Source” last year and had a couple of brief postings there. The forum was established on Dec. 12, 2009. They had a total of 4,428 members.

The majority of the postings were translated from the original English channeled messages such as SaLuSa by Mike Quincy, Kryon, AAM, and others I now don’t remember. I left the group as I got too busy with my own life early this year.

But one thing I was very impressed by was that group members seem to be particularly drawn to SaLuSa’s message as indicated by the high hits every time his message is posted. I remember particularly that one member said he/she is so thrilled to read SaLuSa’s messages each time that he/she prints out the messages and hands out it to his/her group to have a serious study at their local town which, to my surprise, sounds like a fairly small city in the North East part of China.

I believe most members, if not everyone, use pseudonyms. They are from all over the country, from all walks of life, and the majority of them are young people in their 30s, or 20s, I even saw several posts from kids claiming they are still in high school! And everyone feels so excited by the New Age information. I certainly could feel the high spirit of the group.

Just a couple of weeks ago, out of curiosity, I stuck my head in and found that the group was shut down by the Baidu authority in April. But they still keep the old postings there. Their link is:

The official reason was that the group’s posting is not in accordance with government policy. From the last several member posts, I learned it was shut down maybe, just maybe, due to posts mentioning “Mass Arrests.” Some of the members said they were moving to another site. I tried to locate them online but without success. Since I don’t know anybody in the group personally, I have no clue where they are now and if they are still active.

But here is a good thing I also want to share with you. After I listened to AAM’s talk about China, I was so thrilled that I sent the link to many of my Chinese friends in China and the US. Guess what? The only response so far I received is from China! To my surprise, a classmate from my elementary school responded warmly and told me she has followed SaLuSa’s message for a long time and she belongs to a spiritual group that spread the awakening message and meditates to bring more light to the country.

As she wrote to me, China has become a fast-changing place, and everyone in her group now is especially busy with meditating for the transition before year’s end. Sounds so fascinating! And she’s very excited to learn that I’m leaving for China soon to visit my parents, relatives and friends. We’re going to meet and talk about the shift that’s happening in China. I hope I can write more exciting news after I get back from China.

Before finishing this long email, I just want to let you know, Ling is my first name, also a popular Chinese name for a girl, so you can mention Ling from HK. I feel so honored that I can make some contribution to the 2012 group. Thank you all, my dear soul family!

Sending my love and appreciation to everyone,


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