I am a Light Worker ~ Part 5 ~ I am Here to Love

I am a Light Worker ~ Part 5 ~ I am Here to Love

Sophia Love, 06/29/2012


Love is a listening.  It is a recognition.  Love enlists a sense of care.  There is a comfort in love, yet at times love demands the uncomfortable.  Love is a response and a responsibility; love is a physical expression, an intellectual connection, an emotional response.

Love is the field in which you were born and the fertilizer stimulating your expansion.  Love feels so right because it is truth.  There are no “shoulds” or “have to’s” or requirements of love – love merely is and love merely does.

You have been told it is necessary to do certain things in order to be worthy of love or to demonstrate love or to attract love.  This is not true.  You are worthy right now; you are love in every moment.  Love is who you are.

You are a light worker.  You have come to work for the light.  This light is the physical expression of your core.  At your very center you are love.

What does light work look like?  It means your light is carried with you, not put in a specific room or person or activity or taken out on Sundays.  Light work is listening as if the voice of every bit of life mattered.  It is paying attention to it all; child, parent, young, old, rich, poor, sick, vibrant, weak, strong, beautiful, deformed, animal, plant, nation and state.

To work for the light is to welcome all comers.  Allow the world in, not only through your electronic media, but through your front door.  Love.  This may mean a smile and hello to your mail carrier, a few words to your grocery store clerk, or a plate of cookies or a beer to your neighbor.  You are a light worker.  You work for the light.

Many of us are lonely, frightened and barely scraping by.  I spent time delivering to shut ins and found that once the original anger and fear broke through, the most beautiful love was shared.  In some cases, due to a language barrier, it was shared in a smile; in others, lengthy, tearful conversations about love and loss.  In all cases there was unity.

This new world of oneness we are here to usher in is a mind set.  It will come naturally once you begin but you will have to force the initial steps.  Love is not always something you “fall into”.  Love is often something you walk into intentionally and fully expect.

Chances are 100% you will love.  You will meet someone, help someone, be someone you love.  Love is the only thing truly guaranteed.  It may hide but it is always there.

Act as if all of life is sacred.  Love everything.  This means listen.  All of life is speaking right now. You won’t have to search far for who or what to love.  You are a light worker.  You work for the light.  All of your life needs illumination.  Everyone needs your love.  Everything requires your light.

Our planet and people have been neglected long enough.  This is why you’ve come.  To correct that neglect with care and attention, love and light.  Start within.  Follow your heart.  It will lead you to agape.  Listen to your deepest longing; know that it is the longing of us all.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

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