I am a Light Worker ~ Part 4 ~ It is Up to Me

I am a Light Worker ~ Part 4 ~ It is Up to Me

Sophia Love, 06/28/2012

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All systems are go and our eyes are wide open, sort of like a deer caught in headlights. What happens now?  Sitting in my backyard, surrounded by summer flowers and stifling temperatures, not much; things look just about the same.  This is what has been counted on, make no mistake.

Those that are holding the strings have us lulled into complacency.  They are “banking on” (pun intended) our desire for comfort and sameness, no waves or disruptions.  Fear keeps us separate, following orders, nodding “yes”, obediently quiet and paying them.  We did not come to be subservient.  We came to serve.  We are light workers.  We work for the light.  Humanity is at this moment in need of our service.

The state of our world is where it is because we have been acting as if someone else is in charge.  We were taught to conform.  We were educated to all give the same answer.  This is not a multiple choice test, where the authorities hold the one correct response.  We are writing our own answers now and it’s an open book test.  No one is going to give you the only possible answers; you have to find them yourself.  For the rest of this year the knowledge is readily available, the book is wide open.

Here’s our challenge.  We’ve been in a world that has enslaved us and convinced us we need others to guide us, lead us, and charge us for the pleasure.  Our lights have been dimmed with obligation and fear.  We have forgotten our brilliance.  It has taken many, many lifetimes to do this.  These beings have done their part in a master plan for our collective awakening.

Awake now, it is time to step into the light that you are.  You are beholden to none.  This is your government, your monetary system, your land, and your body.  With the criminals gone our efforts only begin, they are far from finished.

Know that your inclination to “let someone else take care of it” has been deliberate.  This is not normal behavior for light workers.

Light workers check all facets of their world – illumination is necessary everywhere.  This is what light workers provide.  As new leaders step in and new systems are structured, stay informed.  Ask questions. Pay attention.

Today this may feel like just too much to do – the lull of relaxation and entertainment pulls you into inaction.  Yet understand that even this has been counted on by the cabal.  Overworked and stressed you can’t be bothered to keep tabs on what new laws, regulations and taxes are being passed.

We began our series with an expansion of self, and a splash of agape onto our new concept of One.  As information is reported you will see how deep the corruption has been.  Do not stay polarized in anger and blame.  Understand that the beings responsible chose and were chosen, just as you were.  This moment in time is here now.  Our chance to ascend alongside our planet is possible because they provided the necessary sparks.  It is time for us to light this world and with unrelenting love keep it shining.

You have chosen to participate in the greatest show in the universe.  You were chosen because of your unique song, your deep commitment to truth and your power to love.  You are here for this.  Love is what you do best.

Trust that deep part of you and listen.  Gently nudge your voice into participation.  You’ll know instinctively where you are needed.  You’ll be in the middle of doing something someday soon and it will strike you that “Oh, this is what I came for.”  It will just feel right.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

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