I am a Light Worker ~ Part 3 ~ This is Our Planet

I am a Light Worker ~ Part 3 ~ This is Our Planet

Sophia Love, 06/27/2012


We have expanded our ideas about who we are and recharged our batteries with agape. What will we do with our planet?  This is the question we’ve been gently yet persistently asked in message after message.

We are light workers.  We work for the light.  This planet has been held in the grips of darkness by criminals.  The truth of the corruption and control is being released and arrests are happening as you read these words. With some of the criminals gone, there will be many jobs to fill and systems to re-organize, the banks, the churches, the government, the medical and the education systems have been deeply corrupted.  Each of these will need light, love and wisdom.  This is the work we came to do.

It is time to rejoice, yes!  Now roll up your sleeves and dig in.  Act as if this is your money, your government, your school, your body, your backyard – it is.

The concept of oneness is foreign to us. We’ve been deliberately taught to fear each other and let someone else handle the important stuff.  There is no someone else.  There is you.  There is me.  We have come to take back a world and illuminate every corner.  We are here to replace Illuminati with Illuminate.

With the many years and many manipulations we’ve falsely believed these things weren’t our problem.  It’s all ours to love and to light.  This is a reversal of thought.  What can we do?  What can you do? With the internet it is not difficult to find out when town or city council meetings are held.  Look for local issues in your local paper.  Do you know where your water comes from and how it gets to you?  Who are your neighbors?  Where are the elderly and poor?  Are they okay?

We’ve become sedentary – all by intention.  Tell yourself, “I am a light worker.  I work for the light.”  Pick just one dark area and shine there.

As things break up, and they are, you will be called on to share what you know.  Resist the urge to blame and spread anger.  You have come to spread the light.  Oneness is all of us.  We are one.  Our goal is agape – self love.  This includes the cabal.  We are one.

There will be people in need of help, systems in need of change, services to be provided and information to be shared.  You may be wondering – “Under whose authority will I do these things?”  Under yours; it’s all you.  The difference between polarity and unity is about to be lived in real time.  There is no separation between us and them.  It’s all us.

Agape means to love the one that you are – every part, no exceptions.  This world is ours to take care of.  There is no corner where you can hide in the dark and not be seen.  You matter.  We need your voice.  We need your light.  We need your love.

Begin now to think of this world as your own.  Treat it as you would a treasured object.  It needs care and attention.  There is no other who can love it as you do.

There is no other to gently love our home and ourselves into oneness.  There is only you.  We are one.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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