Your Light and Uplifting Energy ~ SaLuSa 6-June-2012

Your Light and Uplifting Energies ~ SaLuSa 6-June-2012

By Mike Quinsey

The new you is emerging out of the shadows of the old paradigm, a new shining you that lights up everything and everyone around you. Your Light is reaching out to others who feel your uplifting energy, and it is awakening them to the higher truth. As more souls do so the Light upon Earth increases and the path to Ascension becomes stronger. It is quickly bringing peace to a troubled world that would otherwise be in complete turmoil. Where there are trouble spots you are seeing the last vestiges of the effect of centuries of negative vibrations. It takes time to remove them but you are winning the battle. There is far more love being sent to them than ever before, and it is helping cleanse such areas. It will be completed when total peace comes to the Earth and we will carry out the final cleansing.

Preparations for Ascension have been going on for a very long time, and now the full benefit of them is being felt. Much of that work has been directed towards setting up our allies, so that they have been able to infiltrate the secret plans of the dark Ones and delay or stop them taking place. Our back up has of course been most essential, and we have been their ears and eyes to keep them aware of the developments. Soon we shall be able to work much closer together, and we are eager to fulfill our promise to openly meet you and introduce ourselves. Of necessity that has to be at a time when it is safe to do so, and will not cause too much alarm amongst those who are unprepared for such an occasion. Some people have such a limited view of life they discount the possibility that we exist and refuse to believe it. However, we will present ourselves in a way that is calculated to remove the fear factor. We are not fearsome and it will soon be realized that we are gentle and peace loving Beings who are in service to you and God.

It must be made quite clear that our arrival is not to replace one controlling body with yet another. It is you the people that are going to determine your future, and you will have far much more to say about how it takes place. You will get to know your rights under Common Law, and the Constitution will be introduced again to ensure it is obeyed. We have often informed you that you are sovereign Beings and we intend to ensure you are treated accordingly. It will restore the pride in yourselves and give you full recognition for your achievements. We could rightly say that you have been to Hell and back, but please understand that such experiences have been of your own making. That is why we have such admiration for you all and your courage in allowing yourselves to experience the lower vibrations. It has been far from everyone’s choice, but you did know that great help would be given to ensure that you rose up again….

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