You all have light and dark sides – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn October 05, 2012

You all have light and dark sides – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn October 05, 2012

By Isabel Henn

Note: Due to a question I have to give an answer. Barack Obama is of Sirian origin and as a Sirian a commander of a mothership, not in his earthly incarnation. There is more than one mothership in the Sirian fleet.

I will start with a quick update. Fortunately, I can report to you that the diverse and sometimes very heavy attacks on Lightworkers have declined sharply. Various measures on our part have been very successful. Since these measures still persist, I can not say more to it for security reasons.

Barack Obama is our chosen candidate for the U.S. presidential election. He has the full support and confidence of the Galactic Federation. Barack Obama is highly spiritually developed, and as a commander of a Sirian mothership one of my close associates. I do not want to say more at this point.

We are all aware that your Earth year is now well underway and much of what has been announced to you, has not yet occurred. There are several reasons. Although the cabal know that their rule on your planet is to end, they resist with all their remaining funds, however. Their financial resources shrink rapidly, but they still have enough followers willing to spend time and money to create fear through disinformation and false messages. Our allies are working very hard to stop this.

Another reason for the still quite low frequency on earth is due to the work of the cabal. With 10-10-12 another portal will be activated that will lead strong energies to you. From our side activities are planned to further reduce the presence of negative energies drastically. Again, I can give no further comment for safety reasons. The increased frequencies through the powerful energies will raise the overall vibration. More and more people are waking up now and contribute their light to this. Concentrate fully on your big goal, Ascension. You must not fight the cabal and their supporters. Leave them to us and our allies.

Your job is only to lift your own vibrations and your spiritual development. Let your light shine well and send out your love. Go into your hearts and find there unconditional love. Live and  give it generously. Forgive one another, forgive and – above all – love yourselves This is very important. Love yourselves unconditionally. Embrace and accept yourselves completely. You all have light and dark sides. It is part of your personality and your development. Therefore forgive yourselves for everything that you did to yourself and your fellow man in this and previous lives. This is an essential part of your spiritual healing and development process. You must not focus on what might have been, particularly your experiences from past lives are hidden to you. Forgive and love yourselves, just as you forgive and send love to them that have done harm to you. You must not live through this experiences again. Let them go in love.

This is an important learning process towards Ascension. And do not forget that you are one with all beings of this Universe and All-That-Is. Stop your judging, because you judge only yourselves, and love one another unconditionally. These are the milestones on the way to higher dimensions. If you can heed it, you are well prepared. More is not required. It is unnecessary to know how the Merkabah is obtained and how you can achieve a higher consciousness with complicated yoga practice. It is not wrong to meditate and relax with yoga, those who can do this. This is not necessary, otherwise a lot of people would be excluded from Ascension, people who have never heard in their lives terms such as Merkabah or the names of the individual chakras, but can love with all their heart.

Forgive, judge not and love unconditionally. This is all that is required. You must not reach perfection, as long as you do it with your heart. Then you can await the end of the year and Ascension relaxed.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and look down on your planet with pleasure. I send you my love and sincere acknowledgment of your great achievements. It will be my pleasure to meet you all.

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