Here We Go… Kauilapele to be Interviewed on “The Light Agenda”, 8-22-12


Here We Go… Kauilapele to be Interviewed on “The Light Agenda”, 8-22-12

By Kauilapele

Finally… it’s happened. Stephen Cook is going to interview me on the 8-22-12 “The Light Agenda” show (and if you click that link now, you’ll actually see what Stephen has put up there; with a few photos).

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So all I will say now is that I have only a small idea what Stephen has in store for me on the interview, but I’m sure (and intend that) it will be filled with fun, tropical ice-cream, and Kona Coffee, and maybe a little salt water in the air waves.

In our pre-conversations, I’ve learned how much effort Stephen puts into these interviews, including (often) several hours of editing (like cutting out hems, haws, wells, uhs, duhs, and maybe even a few wtf’s). He does a great job with these interviews, in my mind, and I’m grateful he has asked me to be his “subject” for this Wednesday.

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And since he is “down under” (Australia) and I am “up over” (Hawaii), I am probably going to have to do the interview standing on my head. So I may sound a bit upside-down.

One thing for sure, we’ll definitely “get Galactic”!!


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Posted by Stephen Cook

Kauilapele – Galactic Missions, Soul Music, Sexuality and That ‘Other’ Spirit – The Light Agenda Tomorrow

Presented by Stephen Cook

Wednesday, August 22
6pm (PDT, USA) / 9pm (EDT)

Remember: If you can’t tune in at this time you can listen at ANY time that’s convenient to you, once the show has gone to air. Just click on this same link.

He’s ‘that guy from Hawai’i”, Kuailapele – or KP as some people call him – and after two previous attempts to have him on the show, Kuaila finally joins me on The Light Agenda this week.

You probably know him from his excellent blog – http;// – which he updates regularly with  messages and signs he receives himself from spirit; messages from other channels; and every day incidents and extraordinary synergies that resonate with him.

Or maybe you used to hear him call in from Hawai’i each week a few years back when he joined the regular Galactic Roundtable gatherings and shared his missions and his messages…

Well, you’re going to see and hear a whole other side to Kuailapele when we talk about his life journey on The Light Agenda.

While he regularly and openly shares glimpses of his idyllic and relaxing life on Hawai’i’s beautiful Big Island (also called Hawai’i) via his blog – as we see him enjoying the beauty of the island where he lives, drinking morning coffee at Java and rescuing all sorts of local and domestic animals – Kuaila really opens up about the major turning points in his own life.

You’ll find out why he doesn’t like to talk about age – his, mine, yours or anyone’s.

You”ll learn about his life as a well-loved only child who was born in Texas but grew up in Illinois.

You’ll also discover his love of music, model rockets, baseball, ice hockey and science growing up.

You”ll hear that he is a doctor with a PhD in organic chemistry and what that means and how it was the foundation of a successful career in business. How he invented many new products and why he still earns a small royalty from one involving the waste products that result, ironically,  from coffee harvesting

We also talk marriage, having a stepson and sexuality and how he first discovered a higher power after he beat what was a short period in his life when he felt alcohol (the ‘other’ spirit) was ruling him.

It’s a candid, open and revealing conversation as we weave our way from childhood to adulthood – and on through a never-ending maturing and growing process.

We also talk about why he moved to Hawai’i in 1995 and what its means to him on a soul level. As well as his spiritual awakening and how the vents of 9/11, David Wilcock and the radio program Coast to Coast led him to awaken; eventually becoming a regular member of The Galactic Roundtable. Until one day, after almost two years with the group, when he went to sign-in to his online Galactic Roundtable portal, only to find he had been locked out – for good!

Kauilapele also talks in detail about his spirit work, including: working with the energies of Hawai’i’s pele; opening many of the earth’s portals; and his various Galactic Missions, around Hawai’i, in Indiana, Santa Fe and Peru, where he recounts what is an incredible tale involving a giant Andromedan spaceship visit at Lake Titicaca in the South American country. It’s rivetting!

We also talk about his beloved cats, Lakai and Cookie – and how they played a role in another mission to Egypt, which resulted in a volcano halfway round the world erupting as the energy in Egypt was released; causing havoc for air travel across the northern hemisphere at the time.

And we talk about his other great love – music.

His first lessons on the clarinet, through to learning guitar, his fascination with the Hawaiian slack key guitar and his composing, performing and recording talents which have led to him recording 6 CDs – Alaula, For the Love of Hawai’i , In the Spirit of Hawai’i, Kona Coffee Music, Kona Coffee Music 2 and Manu – The Birds of Kilauea – and being a popular performer at festivals, coffee houses and weddings on Hawai’i’s Big Island.

PLUS: Kuailapele talks about a very personal and special track he wrote, which he performs along with the beautiful birds of his Hawai’ian “homeland” and which I think you’re going to be very moved by.

Tune in to Kauilapele – Galactic Missions, Soul Music, Sexuality and That ‘Other’ Spirit – The Light Agenda, on InLight Radio with Stephen Cook, Wednesday this week.

And why not check out all the other InLight Radio shows here:

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For Kauila’s’ original Music and CDs, head to his music site:


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