Kauilapele: All I’m Going to Say Now is…


Kauilapele: All I’m Going to Say Now is…

By Kauilapele

There’s something I want to say, but I’m not exactly sure what it will be. As I’ve been writing and writing and radio-show-ing and mp3-ing and all that OPPT business-ing, there has come a point when I’m ready to just “let it all play out”, knowing that it does not need ME to “make” it all play out. I’m just saying, “Let it play.”


“I let ME play.” (whatever that means (well, could mean the “Higher Self of me)).

Sometimes these channelings and readings and radio shows and “this Queen/ King/ Pope/ Politician/ ____ (fill in the blank) has stepped down/ retired/ been arrested/ ____ (fill in the blank)” just ain’t cuttin’ it for me anymore. And it’s like it’s all a fairy tale that I don’t care to read anymore. I want more.

A few of you know that I have been “getting” for some weeks now that my function in Hawaii is over. Done. Finished. Nothing more to do anymore. And “why am I staying here when it’s all over?” Good question. And it has an answer…


So I am preparing myself for a move. That may indeed be a physical location type of move. Maybe not. However, I’ve been going through all of my “stuff”, and papers, and other things, and really clearing house. As if I were going to move. That’s the first step.

The “bottom line”, as it might be called, is to not let my own personal “bottom” get stuck in the mud… or stuck, in mind, to any one place.

Spirit within knows nothing of “place”. I can BE anywhere I choose to be at any moment. In Spirit (Mind). But for me, the final choosing is mine. And many times I have felt “called” to certain specific places, to do “energy work”, transformations, this’s or thats, and so on. Absolutely felt I HAD to be in one place or another. Those who’ve done such things, know exactly what I speak of here.

I do NOT feel any connection with the islands, anymore. I enjoy the energy of the islands, and just BE-ing in the islands, but the “Hawaiian guy” is no more. There’s no connect to that persona anymore. That facet of this BEING has played its role, and now it is time to move on. And definitely up. (an earlier post references some of the these things (“What??? No Connection to Pele Anymore??“)).

Could be it will be to U.S. mainland. Could be somewhere else. Could be to the Galactic Ships up there (out there) somewhere. Could be to the Higher Dimensional Light Condominium Housing Project. Could be to that Higher Dimensional Ship that’s sitting over the Big Island, right now.

Wherever it is, whatever it is, it will be where this one’s Higher Self-ness, feels strongly drawn. And perhaps where this one’s Higher Self-ness wants to do more things for, and with, this particular planet… or galaxy… or universe…

The possibilities are endless…


Link:    http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/all-im-going-to-say-now-is/


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