July 2012: Go In and Go Deep Talyaa Liera

July 2012: Go In and Go Deep

By Talyaa Liera


Deep internal stuff! Parts of the Big You!

Long-submerged parts of you will surface this month, if you know what to look for.

For some of you, this will be painful – a constant whirlpool of old emotion and reaction, going round and round without seeming to stop. If this is your experience this month, remember that you can get off the merry-go-round. You can turn a painful experience into a glorious one. This could be the month where you break the daisy chain and start REALLY LIVING. I’ll tell you how in a moment.

For others — maybe most of you! — this month’s process will be joyfully enlightening, like reading a book that you can’t put down because each new page brings you a different and wholly unexpectedly delightful part of the story. If this is your experience this month,  congratulations! You are more in touch than ever with the big part of You, the inner part that expands into limitless space and can do ANYTHING.

How can you tell how well you are doing?

So many of us feel better when we have a sense of our overall progress — am I moving forward or slipping back? — but too often we rely on external sources to tell us how we are doing. Life does not grade you! You receive all your awards and acclamations only from one place — your inner compass. Your inner self is a vast and unending source of incredible wisdom for you. All you have to do is to learn to tune in and listen. Go in and go deep.

How to listen to your inner self

Start with your body. Your body holds within its amazing structure all that you have ever experienced. To disconnect from your body is to disconnect with your greatest source of knowledge about the thing that is most important of all — You. But the problem is, many of us live in our heads. Bodies are too often disregarded. We have begun to think that what is in our head is more important than what our bodies tell us. Not true! So how to connect with this vast source of wisdom, when you are used to thinking your way through life?


This might not be easy to do. In fact, more likely than not, really feeling will be hard at first. Feel. Ahhh.

How to feel

Start with your breath.  Breathe deep down into your body. Imagine your breath going all the way down to your toes. Breathe slowly; and when one breath ends begin the next. Allow your inhalations to morph into your exhalations, one big wheel of breath in and out, all the way down to your toes. Feel this in your body. What happens when you breathe this way? Do you feel constricted, cold, or tight anywhere? Concentrate on these parts of you — they need more breath! Give the constricted, cold, tight parts of you more love, more breath. Notice now what you feel, what emotions arise in you. Mad? Sad? Glad? Afraid? Whatever you feel, keep breathing. Give the feeling more space, more space to live, more space to exist within you.

It is a simple thing — breathing — but most of us only breathe a little way. We use our upper chest, breathing shallowly. Feel your lungs expand as you breathe. Imagine your red blood cells bringing oxygen to all parts of your body. Feel that you are alive. Feel that you are part of the universe.

When you begin giving space, life, and breath to the constricted, cold, and tight parts of you, you will begin to go in and go deep. You will begin to make space to truly listen in to your gorgeous source of wisdom. And you will begin to build a foundation inside you that will be strong enough to withstand a virtual tsunami of emotion and experience.
What to do if this month brings doubt and pain

Remember that all life is cyclical.

New growth emerges from the withered stalks of last year’s bounty. The moon waxes and wanes. Your heart contracts, emptying and then refilling with blood. And sometimes you are on top of the world, feeling that you can do what you are here to do. If you do not feel that way now, remember that everything changes.  Your time of growth and peace will come again.


Give space to your doubt and fear. This is not wallowing in it, but rather giving it breath. Consider the phrase, What you resist persists. Allowing space for your fear takes its power away. Breathe into whatever is grabbing you. Trust that you are stronger — for you surely are! Breathe into your doubts and fears and old patterns and cast light upon them. They only live in the fetid darkness of the cramped corners of your mind, but when you give them space and light and breath, they cannot live.

Share your experience with someone else.

Find a trusted friend or partner. Ask them to listen deeply to you, holding sacred space for you to shed light on the dark parts inside you. And then tell your story. This, too, gives it light. And sharing so intimately helps you remember your gold and remember your incredible strength. When you see yourself reflected in the eyes of another, you see yourself all the more clearly.

What to expect this month


Pay attention to what emerges for you this month — when you go in and go deep, you will find that you are more You than ever before. Be open to being surprised! The real You is quite different from the faces you wore up to now. Honor your impulses. Want to ride a roller coaster this month (a real one not a metaphorical one!) – then do it! Want an ice cream cone? Have one! Want to dip your toes in the ocean? Go to the beach! Go in and go deep, and listen this month to what it is that you REALLY want.

Affirmation:  I AM a magnificent being.


Woo hoo! What fun this month! Be ready for anything to happen. Life is fun! Life is being in the company of others! Who do you want to co-star with you in the script of your life-to-be? Try this: write a list of qualities you really want in the people in your life. Then compare your list to the people you hang out with. Get ready to make adjustments. And understand that others are making adjustments as well. Are you the person that other people want on their lists?

Affirmation:  I WILL open to new and deepening connections.


Why stop with your relationships? Aren’t our communities really just extended human families? Make a list also of the qualities you want in your communities. Do your present communities fill your needs and wants? Maybe this is the month to help create a community that does. Band together with your sisters and brothers.  Remember we are all in this thing together  — but YOU get to help shape what the future looks like. What are you waiting for?

Affirmation:  I AM the harbinger of change.

Global Politics

All this upheaval, up and down, and choosing! Life continues to polarize, and the delineation between Love and Fear all the more noticeable. Remember which side you are on, if you are the type to choose sides. And if you think you already chose a side, take a good hard look at yourself and your thoughts and actions. What side are you truly on? How do you know? If someone was watching a video of you, would they know what side you are on? Be truthful. Then make changes accordingly.

Affirmation:  I AM willing to remember that change starts with me.

Earth Changes

Fire, fire, and flood are the watchwords this month as sea levels rise and trees burn. Weather extremes are likely across most of the globe. Hot, hot weather and rain, lots of it. In the US, flooding in Alabama/Gulf Coast and in the Midwest. In Europe, crops drying and hot weather. Across much of eastern Europe, hot dry winds blowing. Fires ravaging Russia.

Affirmation:  I WILL hold space for the healing of the planet.

Global Spiritual Changes

When everyone does their personal work, we all benefit. Get your nose to your own grindstone, then, and be the champion for those around you doing the same thing. Again, we are all in this thing together. And if you ever think in your head — I can’t do it — then look again. You ARE doing it. You are doing it.

Affirmation:  I WILL be the change I wish to see in the world.


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