Jesus: The Vast Majority of Your “Shoulds” Are Self-Imposed Stressors

Jesus: The Vast Majority of Your “Shoulds” Are Self-Imposed Stressors
As channeled by John Smallman – June 10, 2012

This waiting period – the calm and seemingly empty space before the grand awakening – can be, and is, very unsettling for many of you. You are waiting in excited anticipation for an event of enormous significance which could occur at any moment, and yet it seems that nothing is happening to bring it on.

Due to your obsession with time, that aspect of the illusion has intensified over the last few decades to such an extent that patient,
relaxed waiting has become very stressful for you. And, of course, stress feeds on itself.

It is very important for you to detach regularly each day from these time-stresses that life in the illusion seems to impose on you. It does not. But you do impose them on yourselves by allowing yourselves to be ruled by “shoulds,” and shoulds almost always have an intense time element attached to them.

Look at all those shoulds and determine whether they are truly as important as you think they must be. If you look back over your lives at shoulds that did not get done, you can see quite clearly that life did not stop when they were left undone, but just carried on regardless. And it is very clear that the vast majority of those shoulds were self-imposed stressors of very little importance, whose only achievement was to make you feel guilty – more stress!

By taking time-outs frequently throughout the day, for as little as half a minute, and then questioning the time pressures that you are imposing on yourselves, or that you are allowing others to impose on you, you permit yourselves to reassess your priorities. Thus reducing your stress levels. Reducing stress reduces anxiety and allows you to accept the flow of life as it happens and then the waiting can become quite pleasurable because deep within yourselves you truly know that you will awaken — and that therefore there is nothing to worry about.

The Love buried deep within each one of you is where you need to focus your attention in your moments of stress. When stress or overwhelm strikes, turn instantly to that divine energy within you. Remind yourselves that you are Love because that is what you were created from, and God’s divine creations are constant, eternal, and unchanging expressions of Himself. You have never been separated from Him and you never will be – that would be annihilation, total destruction, and an impossibility. You were created from Love and in joy to experience the infinite, ecstatic bliss in which that state embraces all of creation eternally….

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