Jesus: You are heading for experiences of amazing wonder and beguilement


Jesus: You are heading for experiences of amazing wonder and beguilement

September 2, 2012 by John Smallman

Love, God, the Source of all, is infinitely powerful, comforting, uplifting, accepting, healing, and inspiring.  You have been told this by mystics from various religions and cultures who have experienced and been overwhelmed by the presence of God.  And your awakening will re-introduce you to this blissful state.  It is your divine destiny and cannot be avoided, but only — if you so choose — be delayed.

The illusion has seduced you most efficaciously, as was your intent when you constructed it.  However, its time is past.  It is being gently dissolved so that you will awaken gently into eternal joy, whereupon exquisite excitement will fully engage you.  What you are to experience can neither be imagined nor satisfactorily described, as the mystics themselves have told you.

Nevertheless, when you leave it behind, you will have no regrets of any kind; in fact, awareness of what you experienced within it will fade rapidly and miraculously from your minds.  You will have no interest whatever in memories of it, because your new-found joy will engage your whole attention, and in Reality your “whole attention” is far beyond anything you can presently imagine, which is limited to things or ideas that presently interests, intrigues, fascinates, or captures it.

You are heading for experiences of amazing wonder and beguilement, a state of intense participation in God’s ongoing creative concepts, specifically designed as eternal gifts for His beloved children.  An infinitely extending Christmas, presenting surprise after surprise in an unending sequence of astounding marvels.

What you have been undergoing within the illusion for eons — and that you most definitely wish to leave behind you permanently and forever — is coming to its well-deserved point of termination.  The work you have all been doing to bring this about is quite brilliant when you consider the immense difficulties under which you have been operating.  The whole scenario through which you have been feeling your way, mainly in confusion and anxiety, has been exceedingly demanding of your courage and persistence.

You have proceeded with valor and fortitude, despite your doubts and the confusing situations in which you have found yourselves, to move forwards on your path to awakening while also helping countless others, most of whom remain unknown to you.  The love that you have been practicing and demonstrating is the way out of the illusion, and many are following you because you have lighted the way so clearly.

The Light of God is with you at all times to offer you the guidance you need to find your way Home.  It can never be extinguished; your guidance is always plainly visible whenever you choose to see it.  Frequently you have chosen not to see it, as the illusion has enticed you into self-centeredness and unloving ways of being.  When you constructed your illusory reality you were truly enamored with the results of your creative ingenuity, but were unable to foresee the pitfalls and snares with which it could and would attempt to ambush you and then destroy you.

Eventually, after many disillusionments, you began to understand that what you had built was, to say the least, a very unfriendly place in which to spend your time.  You began to look around you for an escape.  But over time, you had let go of your remembrance of your spiritual identity, and focused almost entirely on the physical environment in which you had so deeply enmeshed yourselves. Science was developed, and provided many answers to the unfriendly puzzlements that previously were thought to be magical in nature.  Your understanding of your immediate environment improved and you came to believe that any problems that occurred could be dealt with scientifically.

This belief has landed you in a situation from which it seems there is no retreat. Because you have so damaged the planet, very soon, unless you make enormous changes to your philosophy of life and to the ways in which you interact with her and with each other, she will be unable to continue supporting oxygen-breathing life forms.  Once more, escape has become inviting – to other planets or star systems – but only for a very small number of you.  And that small number has been the controlling authority on your planet for rather a long time as they have continually been consolidating their power base.

However, the majority of humanity has now realized the futility and insanity of allowing this small, ferocious, and war-mongering group to continue to hold the rest of you to ransom.  Their aims and agendas are beyond belief and way beyond possibility; they just cannot see that.  Moves are afoot everywhere to unseat them, and will be successful.  As this occurs, new ways to deal with planetary issues of toxicity, damage, and renewal will come to the fore, and humanity, as it becomes swept up into the loving energies of the divine energy field, will pursue rapid development of them as cooperation instead of dissension becomes the norm.

You are on the verge of entering an age of peace, harmony, and abundance, the like of which has never before been seen on your lovely planet.  Hold your Light on high, know that you are divinely guided and protected, and enthusiastically expect deliverance from the chaos and confusion in which you have been embroiled for so long — because it is God’s Will for you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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