Israel attacks again the Journalists in Gaza who are trying to report the truth

Israel attacks again the Journalists in Gaza who are trying to report the truth

C K Rich:  I guess Israel is trying very hard to hide the truth. But they are not alone as other country’s media, Including the US media and Facebook are also hiding the truth! No child should ever have to live through something like this…NEVER! If they live at all that is.

MONTREAL–(– 12.33 pm EST, LadyDragon wrote -Yesterday, it was over half a dozen journalists that where attacked and 1 lost his leg now 2 were killed in Sunshine Tower (media building) called also the Sharouq building; 3 injured including 1 fully burned. Also children continues to be kill.

Yesterday around 1am early this morning I wrote that Avital came on the air today on RT and said well that the journalist should not be there in the Press Office WTF.

Plus she said it was only little damage like broken glass.

Tabarnak first where the fuck do you want the journalists to be if not in the press office colis and a big hole on the roof is little damage well am sure she would feel different if it was her roof that had a big whole in it and she would of lost 1 leg siboire.

VIDEOThe striking of the Press Office yesterday – 2 minutes – 12MB

Photo of the injured journalist in the hospital

Well look at the video and judge for yourself.

Then overnight Israel attack again now the building is on fire.

Israel keep saying they are not targeting journalists even after the second attack where 2 journalists where killed.

2 important things here.

First lets be honest here, they ARE targeting journalists and press office infrastructures because they do not want YOU to know what is really going on in Gaza because Israel is committing war crimes and genocide on the Palestinians people and animals.

They are succeeding is killing the feeds.

RT has no more live feed.

I called Harry Fear at 12. 40 am this morning in order to know if he was ok, he said he was and confirmed to me that the reason his feed was down it is because he lost electricity.

Now he is trying to find places with internet and electricity to keep broadcasting.

He said that all of these attacks and killing of journalists has made the journalists in Gaza even more determine then ever to stay in order to give us the truth about what is happening in Gaza.

Second, Israel keep saying we are not targeting civilian population.

Well again yesterday I put a video where you can see and heard perfectly clearly what is really going on overthere.

This video is for you to understand the constant buzzing of the Drones combined with the sound of the F-16 Air Striking at any moment without notice.

Now you will perfectly understand why I keep telling you that it is scaring Sam.

Sam for those who are not familiar with her, she is my parrot so if Sam gets scared while listening to all of this sitting with me in Montreal, Canada, can you imagine the poor birds and all of the other animals in Gaza.

Plus how the hell can you sleep with those bloody Drones always buzzing and the F-16 striking every 10 minutes tabarnak.

VIDEOF-16 striking while Live on the air – 7 minutes – 39MB

And NO she does not get use to it, every time the F-16 strikes she is scared, specialy when the Navy ships shoots because it is like half a dozen huge BANG BANG in row and I have to calm her down and reassure her that everything is fine.

So how about the animals in Gaza how do you think they are reacting right now with all that war sound ?

Plus imagine YOU living under that type conditions war noise 24-7 wouldn’t you say that Israel is terrorizing YOU with this sound of war not counting the bombs that can fall on your head at anytime and anywhere.

Anywhere yes they are targeting Children Playground and houses.

Over 1350+ sites pounded by Israel since the Operation Pillar of Cloud last Wednesday.

All of this has to STOP NOW.

Please People of this Earth take positive and constructive ACTIONS

First spread the word about what is truly going on.

Retweeted, FaceBooked all my articles and everything you can find about what is going on over there.

Second we the PEOPLE need to take actions in order to make this STOP.

I want everyone and I mean everyone especially the people of the US because the US is giving over 8 millions dollars to Israel per day.

Called your elected official and demand for them to TAKE ACTION NOW and to get this attack on Gaza to STOP please.

Plus I have noticed that in the Western so called media that they are not reporting to truth so please called your local newspaper and TV station give them videos and pictures so they know exactly what is going.

Third everything that YOU the People have done in the last 24 hours to protest this is starting to work.

But we need more eyes and attention on what is going on in Gaza now.

Updated number as of Monday morning 12.30pmEST.

1350+ sites pounded by Israel during the Operation Pillar of Cloud

102 dead for those those killed 80% were women and children.

Latest News this morning

– Laila El-Haddad @gazamom Author & public speaker from Gaza City, currently based near Baltimore, MD said ” When I was reporting in #Gaza b/w ’03 and ’07, I was repeatedly told by IOF that #Israel did not consider Palestinian journalists legitimate”

– 2 killed, Salim Swailim and Ramiz Harb killed in Sunshine Tower (media building) called also the Sharouq building; 3 injured (inc. one fully burned)

– Israel gives a 36hr ultimatum to democratically-elected Gazan govt. Hamas, before stepping-up offensive

– Police Stations attack over night where they are police civilians

– Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas says he’s working with Hamas to end Israeli aggression on #Gaza

– Gaza resistance groups demand: de-blockaded Strip, end to land incursions, maritime harassment and targeted assassinations (c.f. conditions)

– Israeli military interrupted broadcast of Al-Aqsa Voice local radio station, terrorising Gazan civilians

More psychopathy from Israeli commentators: “residents of Gaza are not innocent, they elected Hamas… must live with the consequences”

– al-Dalouh massacre: we need to get justice regarding these Israeli war crimes

Israel using US-made toxic weapons

– Hospital needs supplies now too many injured people

Hamas’s military: “The massacre of the Dalouh family will not pass without punishment.”


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