Ireland Centre: Thank You From Veronica Ford-Keen

The Lovely Couple...Montague and Veronica Keen
The Lovely Couple…Montague and Veronica Keen

Ireland Centre: Thank You From Veronica Ford-Keen

By C K Rich


Hello everybody


This is Veronica and I would like to thank everyone for all of his or her contributions towards the purchase of the Centre in Ireland. I know that not everyone has money to spare and so, I know you gave whatever you could afford and I greatly appreciate that. As I work on my own, from early morning to very late at night, without assistance, I am finding it difficult to keep up with an email response to all that have contributed so far. Please understand that I have kept a detailed list of all contributors and I will respond in due course, you will not be forgotten.


It will be so wonderful when we have the first Centre up and running! The amazing things we will be able to do…just wait and see. We will be able to help so many people all over the World!


But the securing of the property with the deposit was only the first step, now we must move forward with the second step and pay off the final purchase price of the property. I know many of you have contributed, but we have less than 9 weeks to secure this property with the complete purchase price before we lose it.


So although I don’t like to do this, I must ask you all once again to help contribute in any way you can so we can purchase the Property in Ireland for the first Centre. And if you have no money you could help by passing the information on to others that do have more.


We are seeking financial support from foundations and individuals who share our vision to support the advancement of mankind through education and innovative research.

To date, €72,181.05 has been raised via the website, however we are looking for further funding now to completely purchase the property and to enable the Centre to be set up. This would be a total of €570,000.00


I can’t thank you all enough for what you have already done and I know that together We Can Do This…We Can Purchase the First Centre in Ireland!!


Thank you for all that you have done. Blessings.






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