Iraqi Dinar / IQD, Global Revaluation Information


Iraqi Dinar / IQD, Global Revaluation Information

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C K Rich:  There are 2 separate chats that I will list below in order so you better understand what is going on. If you don’t know what any of this means, than ignore it as it is not relevant to you. Also I do not agree that the Iraqi Dinar will rise quickly after it revalues…but instead will come out strong and decrease in value rapidly. But that is just my thoughts in this matter. After all why would the elites or any government want to give anyone a chance to get in on this after the fact? Only makes sense!



1-1-13 Unknown

Hello Everybody. I have decided to break my silence and reveal my understanding of truth surrounding the Iraqi Dinar. First, I am married to an Iraqi born citizen who works as a foreign affairs delegate for the Iraqi Government. We are are heavily invested in the Dinar as many government people are. My husband speaks many languages and works exclusively with other countries that are investing in Iraq, the two major countries are the United States and China.

I have been following the the information that is being put out by what is termed as “Guru’s” on DinarRecaps and DinarGuru. I am not a member of any Dinar site, but have seen enough quotes from all the major players and have a pretty good gist of what is what. The only individual that is remotely close to the truth is the gentleman named OCrush on PeoplesDinar.

Okay, I am running a huge risk for putting out this delicate information, but at this point, it is to far along in the process to matter. The Iraqi Dinar is set to revalue prior to the 10th of January barring any hang ups, (which are common)

It should show at a rate of $3.42 and experts are expecting it to RISE fairly quickly from there.

Yes, it could be delayed, but if it is again, it will be only for a very short time. I hope this information gets out so the many mis-informed “Gurus” stop spreading their false, short sighted facts.

Happy New Year to all.



posted in the same room as referenced above….

My dearest Diane,

We are almost there! The 2012 accounts have been closed. The banks are positioning themselves for the new budget. The ratification of the 2013 budget is on its way with the finance ministry. This is great because they will allocate the 2013 budget to the provinces with transparency. The cbi gave orders to the private banking sector to sell hard currency at the current rate for one week even though the 2012 budget has been closed. They needed to still have the auctions because its not a good idea to stop them) The new policies will start after January 8 (give or take). You see the house needs to approve these changes and all they are doing now is positioning themselves to get it started with no hiccups! This is a new era and it has started. There will be new procedures and policies taking place….we are witnessing history in the making. There is no doubt the new budget has the new rate and they are preparing to wow us!!

Looking for article, especially in the Gazette!


Via Private Skype Room



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