An Introduction to the Events of 2012 – Part 4/4

Events of 2012 Part 4


An Introduction to the Events of 2012 – Part 4/4

Posted by Steve Beckow

The galactics and spiritual hierarchy of this planet have been communicating with us via books, articles and Internet messages for
decades. On one occasion they interrupted British TV to send a message to that nation. (1) Their message has always been one of peace. They warned us on many occasions that we stood in jeopardy of destroying our planet with nuclear weapons, radioactivity and other dangers. But the elite that controlled this planet would not listen to them.

Instead the elite took most of the advances that the galactics gave us (2) and turned them to their own economic benefit or military use. They kept the secret of the galactics’ presence from us and ridiculed those who claimed to have knowledge of them.

Now the secret cannot be hidden any longer. While SETI (3) listens for beeps and clicks, SaLuSa, Hatonn, Ashtar and their colleagues regularly inform us of how matters are progressing with the fall of the cabal and the advent of Ascension.

Through imaginative and informative crop circles, displays of fleets, wormholes and spirals, and periodic but regular channeled updates, the galactics have made their presence known and made it impossible to deny their reality and their work on our behalf.

Even lightworkers have been divided on whether some of these forms of communication have been legitimate and reliable. But the day comes ever closer when the star nations will stand among us on Earth without needing intermediaries. They also won’t need to fear the elite’s manipulations or the public’s panic. We’ll be able to get on with our work of restoring Earth and seeing to the wellbeing of her inhabitants.

We stand on the brink of the greatest evolutionary step this planet has ever collectively taken. Once the first starship lands on Earth, life on this planet will never be the same and all for the better. Suddenly one planet with a human population will no longer be alone but will join a human family that has in one step grown past the reach of our imagination.

We’re about to be joined by the races that first populated this Garden of Eden, this magnificent blue planet known as Gaia. We’ll once again take our places among the leagues of star nations that see to the wellbeing of the galaxy and beyond. And we’ll leave behind us the endless conflicts, exploitation and oppression that has been our lot for centuries….

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