Your intent is all important now, as always. – Archangel Michael

Your intent is all important now, as always. – Archangel Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

Today we shall speak of the events which are happening with increasing frequency on your planet, but which have not, as yet, been fully understood by the majority of your people.

Every day now you are seeing more and more of your financial elite being apprehended for their criminal practices.  They think of themselves as above the reach of law.  Indeed, that was the intent of many of the recent regulatory changes.  However there is still enough bite left that criminal investigators not bound to them are finding ways to bring them to justice.  As yet, even though many have rather impressive titles, this has not begun to reach the quiet, unseen manipulators.  However, we can assure you that they see it coming.

We tell you this so that you may put your minds to rest on the subject.  There are others who have taken upon themselves the task of ridding you of the oppressive burden you have been weighted down with.  Still others will see to clearing the less than upright from your governing bodies.  That will not be so hard once the paymasters are no longer able to pay.

We understand that you felt as if nothing was happening for you, and that all was empty promises.  We ask you now to look around and see that all is occurring as promised.  Relax now and remove as much of your attention from this process as you are able.  By far the more important thing for you now is your own ascension.  It is, after all, the reason for everything else.

Much is being sent to you now from many channels which will serve to aid in your clearing of fears and habits.  This is very important to your rapid growth.  Every effort you make now will result in far more of a result than ever before.  You are, each time, starting from a higher and more refined state.  Your intent is all important now, as always.  Find and hold within your hearts the very highest image of the Self which you truly are.  We promise you that it will not even come close, but it will be enough.  And as you grow each day and learn more of who you are, it will change and grow also.  Invite this Self to reside in your heart.  Act as if it is already you.  You have a saying which makes us chuckle, “Fake it till you make it.”  In this case it is more, “Fake it till you find out it is already true.”

Soon we shall be introducing you to others who will be entering our conversations.  Until we speak again, maintain your love and peace and share it with all.  Good day, my dearest friends.

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