You Intensely Miss the Presence of Your Father ~ Jesus


You Intensely Miss the Presence of Your Father ~ Jesus

September 9, 2012 by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms we continue to watch over you with loving gratitude as you focus determinedly on the task that you have so courageously undertaken, which is to assist humanity to awaken.  Many of you are feeling weighed down with fatigue as the stress of your task bears heavily down upon you.  We are constantly focusing our energy on you to help you to bring yours ever more closely into alignment with the divine Will.  You are doing a sterling job, and our love surrounds you as you inspire so many of whom you are utterly unaware.  The love that you express and demonstrate is far more effective than you can possibly imagine, so do not forget to honor and congratulate yourselves on the potency of your endeavors, as we are doing.

The fear and anger that have been such deeply rooted characteristics of your lives for so long are being transformed, as you choose to offer love instead of defense or attack whenever you feel threatened.  This is a major evolutionary step that more and more of you are taking as you see others taking it, and then you too find the courage to step along with them.  Spiritual evolution is the unshakable and indestructible foundation of the path that you are all on, and it is leading you indefatigably Home.

It is quite wonderful to know that humanity is to awaken, and here in the spiritual realms we are constantly aware of this and take great joy in that knowledge.  All of you know it too.  It is just that it is difficult for you to access this knowledge when you are surrounded by the grim darkness of the illusion, which distracts you from knowing and recognizing yourselves as the divine beings that you truly are.

Nevertheless, awareness is growing within you that the environment in which you are presently experiencing life can only be unreal.  You know that God, your loving Father, could never have created an environment in which pain and suffering occur.  He loves you infinitely, He is Love, and where there is Love there is eternal divine harmony, and nothing unloving could even be imagined.

So what is this illusory environment in which you have been experiencing life for all these endless eons?  It is an imaginary concept that you built for your amusement, while also wondering if separation from God were possible.  Because your Father created you perfect, with infinite power, intelligence, and wisdom, you were free to do as you pleased.  Love without freedom is not Love. However, you momentarily ditched your wisdom and built the illusion, and its appeal has been steadily waning ever since.

Yes, you do feel lost and abandoned within it, because you intensely miss the Presence of your Father, and the bliss and ecstasy that His Presence provides. He cannot enter your dream, because (1) it is a place from which you chose to exclude Him and (2) it is unreal, non-existent.  He lovingly awaits your decision to allow it to dissolve, so that you can once more experience, permanently, His loving embrace.  And He will wait as long as it takes.  He knows all your needs and desires, and wishes only to fulfill them.

Knowing this, how can you possibly engage with the doubts and anxieties that the illusion presents to you to distract you from awakening?  Once upon a time its offerings were a little enticing . . . but now?  Surely it is time to let go of the pain and suffering, the doubts and fears, the sense of abandonment and aloneness, and return Home?

All the heavenly realms are surrounding you with Love so that you may awaken. There is absolutely nothing that can prevent you from doing so, except your own personal choice not to, and why would you make a choice like that?  Yes, maybe a very small, almost inconsequential number of you may choose not to awaken. But the vast majority have already made the decision to awaken; your awareness of it just has not dawned yet.

And that inconsequential minority?  In God’s eyes no one is inconsequential.  All will return Home, a few may be slightly delayed, but in the end Heaven will not be incomplete — because no one can permanently resist the call of God’s Love.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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