Illuminati in Hollywood movies exposed with Alex Jones


Illuminati in Hollywood movies exposed with Alex Jones

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Vatic Note:  I am impressed.  Alex has just advanced to a new higher level of awareness and analysis.  This was great and well worth the watch.  This fits in with a big series we did on mass psychological manipulation of large populations, done through the British Tavistock group.

This also fits with the idea that Britain wants to reclaim her place as a global empire which was part of why they created the United Nations, to help facilitate that goal.  Please watch and listen carefully to what he is saying.

Our awareness must match that reach of a whole new level or platform, in order for us to plan and do what will work in this psychological game of control the Powers that be are playing with us.  I remember sending out emails about 4 years ago, before we began this blog, notifying our email list about the G-20 meeting that took place that year.

Their agenda included RFID chipping the entire population of the world,  herding humanity that remains after the culling, into ant colonies and controlled living environments, and then spying on them on a regular basis as part of their control without using enormous human resources such as military.

Their final discussion and decision was to begin with the children in schools to manipulate them young in order to obtain the kind of adults they wanted and needed to do their bidding with absolutely no rebellion.  That required that they gradually take over control of those children and away from the parents.  The first thing they did was drug them for bogus diseases.

That was essential since they did not want to spend their ill gotten wealth on security…. so psychological engineering on a mass scale was the only way to do it.  Movies, IPoDs, drugs, etc… became the vehicle as did arresting 6 year olds for fighting in the playgrounds at school, and then drugging those who questioned everything.  Its up to us as parents to stop it.

Alex does a really great job and better than his usual.  This is well worth the watch.  We must be ready when they “try” to come back up.  I say we must immediately begin finding ways to keep them underground, which I also think can be done and we have time to figure that one out. Let them control each other.  lol  What a wonderful world it would be to have them gone.   Unlimited potential as Iceland has already proved.  By the way,  NOW WE KNOW WHY THE CAFR ACCOUNTS ARE EVERYWHERE.

Illuminati in Hollywood movies exposed with Alex Jones

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Published on Jul 1, 2012

In this movie Alex Jones will take a closer look at the following movies:

* The Dark Knight Rises

* Prometheus

* The Hunger Games

* A Clockwork Orange

* Seven Days in May

And to sum things up, Aaron Dykes Reviews Milgram & Stanford’s Experiments on Obedience to Authority.

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