“Humanity is now undergoing the necessary changes so that it too many ascend.” ~ A Message from Archangel Ariel

undergoing the necessary changes

Humanity is now undergoing the necessary changes so that it too many ascend.” ~ A Message from Archangel Ariel

By Linayah Kei

Beloved ones,

We greet you in this moment. We are the Angel Ariel. We come to speak with you again as emissaries of the Light to bring to you messages of hope and good will.

You are in a beautiful time now, one of which has never been experienced upon your Earth in quite the same way. How blessed you are to be here.

We know and understand how there are many things within your lives that can be upsetting, difficult and often seemingly tumultuous. We do understand and we are working continually to assist you through it all. And you will all make it. You will
come out of it and will find yourselves on the other side of the mountain. It has seemed to be a very big mountain at times yet you have made it to the top beloveds. You are standing at the top and are ready to travel down the other side. And going down is much easier than going up.

You have done it. You have stood fast with faith and trust and pulled away from the old ways, the old patterns. Yes there is still a very great amount of work to do but you have made it this far so there is nothing to prevent you from continuing on to the finish line.

Your beautiful and loving planet, Earth, has ascended. She has taken her rightful place now. You were all instrumental in her doing this. You came to assist her and you did. And she did. So be proud and joyful that it has occurred.

Humanity is now undergoing the necessary changes so that it too many ascend. Does that sound like a goal worth the effort beloveds? We should think so!

You are all in different phases of clearing and cleansing what needs to be done away with so that you can move on. It is not an easy task for there is much to be removed. The old and out dated belief systems must go. The patterns of greed and separation must dissipate. Unification will replace duality. And it is dear ones. It takes time and cannot be completed in a short time.

There are many energies of the old that are clinging to the old ways and they are not going to leave without a struggle. But all will be done with ease and in due time. It has already begun and you are beginning to bear witness to it. It will continue to be so.

And we ask that you continue to do your part as you feel guided in assisting your planet to regain the way she is intended to be. By this we mean in the cleansing of the water, the air, the land. This is vital for all of life upon the Earth. How you treat your planet is how life will be for you.

Beloved ones, show reverence for your Mother Earth. She has for so very long given and given to you, your ancestors and to all who live or have lived upon her. She has given so much and asked for nothing in return.

Because of her generous and loving tolerance you now have polluted waters, unhealthy air to breathe and land that has been ravaged and left barren.

This can all be restored with your help. Yet it takes the effort of each of you to do this. It is much more vast and will take more than a handful of those dedicated ones to bring it about. Each of you is needed to assume responsibility. It is an effort of the masses, of humanity. Are you willing to do this beloveds? Everything you do has an impact in a great way. Everything!

Picking up a piece of trash is monumental. Think in the large picture: if every person on the Earth were to pick up one piece of trash or garbage, how much litter would be removed from the surface of the Earth?

Do not think for a moment that you cannot do anything to help for you can and we ask you to please consider it.

The act of recycling is very, very important and we thank each of you who participates in this endeavor. You who consciously do this understand it. You get it.

Pollution must stop! Pollution of the waters, of the air and of the ground you walk upon must stop! For without every human actively doing what they can it cannot come to be. And do not think that you cannot make a difference. You can and you must!

We thank you for what you do. If you are reading this message then you are one who does care and are already working to better the home, your Earth, that you have. There is much gratitude from those in the Higher Realms for what you do. The rewards will come to you in time.

We know there were many who thought that on December 22, 2012 everyone would wake up to a completely new world. And then were very disappointed that it wasn’t that way. Everything looked and seemed the same.

Beloveds not all that occurs is visible to the eye. We promise you that much did occur. And the time will be when you will see it with you eyes and you will be able to feel it and know how extraordinary it is, you are and life is. It is all a process that is orchestrated with precision and complete accuracy from ‘behind the scenes’. This is a plan far greater than the human mental body can grasp and understand.

Because of this you must hold, shall we say, blind faith that all is well. Hold faith in yourselves dear one. Hold faith in the greater power that all will come to be in the exact and perfect way. And it will and you will be joyous to see what you have done.

Human consciousness is evolving. It is changing and to the Highest and Better Good of All. You are changing as well. This is the reason that you are undergoing clearing and processing. You came to do this and you are doing it. It will be worth your effort beloveds. It will.

Show compassion for your loved ones. Show compassion for your friends and acquaintances. Show compassion for the animals, the birds and the fishes, for the plants and trees and the ground and dirt. Show love and compassion to and for everything. For the loving and compassionate heart heals all that are recipients of this giving.

See yourself as the midwife who assists in the birth of a new beingness. This is what you are doing. Do what you can to bring forth what is needed in whatever way feels right to you. Hold the intention and hold it strongly, for all to be done for the Highest Good of all. Hold the vision and thoughts of how you would like to see your world. Of course you want it to be beautiful and abundant, healthy and loving. If this is what you wish and what you want it to be then think in this way, speak in this way and do not see it in any other way. Your thoughts and your intentions are how it becomes a reality.

As a child sees the world around them in a magical and wonderful way, you too can do this with your caring and loving thoughts. Let the child within see it for what it is and how it can be.

Create dear ones, create. Create a new world. You can do it. You are doing it. Do not let up nor give up. You have the opportunity to create something that has not been before. It is all there at your fingertips. And again we say it does not occur overnight. You perseverance has propelled you to where you are now. You have done it and you can do it.

You have an unlimited number of cheerleaders and assistants in the Higher Realms. You are loved beyond what you can imagine. We are here in any moment to help you with what you need to do this. We support you completely and gratefully. It cannot be done without you. The rewards we promise will be worth the hard work that you have done and are to do. We promise this to you. What you do now will benefit the generations to come. The children of today understand much more than you know. They are here to help you as well. They rely on you to do your work. Listen to them, allow them to do the work they are very capable of doing and do what you can to do it.

Go forth beloved ones knowing that each step you take moves you in the direction of goodness, blessings and all that you can dream of and more.

We are in gratitude of you and your beingness.

We are the Archangel Ariel

Please feel free to copy or share the messages on this page as well as those that are archived as long as you mention this website and the source. Thank you for reading and believing in the Angels.  They are with you in every moment if you allow
them in.


Angels’ Blessings,
Linayah Kei


Link:   http://www.angelicpathtohealing.net/Message.html

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