An Hour With An Angel with Sanat Kumara


An Hour With An Angel with Sanat Kumara

By InLight Radio

This Monday we’ll talk to Sanat Kumara, or “Raj,” as he prefers to be called, who is the Planetary Logos. We’ll again attempt to elicit a view of Ascension as a process. We’ll be looking to find out what roles the various higher-dimensional beings have in the Ascension scenario – galactics, ascended masters, angels and archangels. We’ll want to know what the stages in Ascension are or will be. We’ll look at some of the special problems presented by the new feature in Ascension of ascending with the physical body, both of Gaia and of ourselves.  We’ll look at how then process of Ascension itself has evolved over the ages. We’ll want to know exactly why so many other planets and galaxies are said to be watching the Earth.  We’ll ask him to explain what is expected of lightworkers relative to the Ascension process. We may not be able to ask him all of these questions, but we’ll see how far we can get this program.

Music: Pachelbel’s Canon and Mike Roland – Son of the Light

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