An Hour with an Angel Interviews Ashtar on Secrecy Replay


An Hour with an Angel Interviews Ashtar on Secrecy Replay

By C K Rich Thanks to The2012Scenario

This is the Replay of the show that aired tonight which interviews Ashtar of the Ashtar Command. It proved to be a great show as always with much needed explanations of events and situations. Great listen for those wanting a better understanding of present events!

We all want the galactics like this week’s guest, Commander Ashtar, to make the way our star brothers and sisters proceed more understandable to us, as ground crew, Earth allies, lightworkers and starseeds.

In this week’s interview, we’ll take one area of galactic action – the need for secrecy – and explore how the galactics proceed in this area.

Come listen to Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, Monday evening, 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, at:

We’ll ask Ashtar what the galactics need to keep secret and why? What unfortunate consequences could result if something becomes public knowledge? Who decides what the galactics will discuss and what they won’t?  Do the galactics make timely disclosure of that which no longer needs to be kept secret?

We’ll ask him to go over with us any examples of past occasions when something needed to be kept secret, why, and what resulted? What was averted? What success was attained?

Our hope will be to see how the galactic mind works and how best we can cooperate with it as allies and ground crew.

I have to add that any InLight Radio show in future may be pre-empted by and will focus on events related to Disclosure, if and when they happen. That is not to get anyone needlessly excited (I have no insider information that I’m going by) but a simple statement of fact.

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