An Hour With An Angel – Divine Mother on a World that Works ~ Replay


An Hour With An Angel – Divine Mother on a World that Works ~ Replay

By InLight Radio

C K Rich:  Today’s show, An Hour With An Angel, also explains a bit about what is going on and why the delays and lack of ‘visible events’. Thought it would be beneficial for you all to listen to as it may answer some questions. If you listen close enough, you may notice the similarities between COBRA’s interview and An Hour With An Angel’s show today.

From Steve Beckow on today’s show:

What an incredible conversation with the Divine Mother we had today! I changed our plans around somewhat and began with a question to her that can be summed up in two words: “What gives?”

No Disclosure, no NESARA so far, Ascension in installments, an apparent lull, no perceivable presence of the Company of Heaven as we build Nova Earth. I don’t think I could reproduce her answer by memory and it would not do it justice if I did, but it left me entirely satisfied. Blissful actually. She answered that question for a full half hour.

The full restoration of consciousness is also coming. She shared that it was not a singular event and it is in the offing. It’s a series of events that will see the quotient of light and love of all of us raised dramatically.

She offered a wonderful interpretation of Nova Earth Day, as a day of universal love and love expressed for the archangel that Gaia is and for every animal and plant on the planet.

She gave an inspiring discussion of how to proceed with building Nova Earth.

I asked her how to end gender persecution on the planet and she surprised me by saying that one of the actions we can and should take was to financially boycott areas of the world that persecute women.

Music: Pachelbel’s Canon and Mike Roland – Son of the Light

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