To hell with Crayons ~ RTS






To hell with Crayons ~ RTS

From RemovingTheShackles

I have a shit load of stuff that I want to tell you, and unfortunately barely any time- I’m seriously swamped right now. I’ve read the 56 comments on the recorded conversation that I posted earlier today, and I want you all to know that I hear you. Loud. And. Clear.

D’s time of being a good girl and sitting quietly in the corner colouring has just come to an end.

I’m done with the bullshit. I’m done with the controllers- including those that have been controlling me with intel.

“You can’t repeat any of this, it’s classified/Top Secret!!”

“This information can’t get out because the bad guys will use it against us”

“No one can know this right now because if it becomes public knowledge it will delay the RV/PPs/ St Germaine Trust/World Global Settlements/new financial system from happening!”

I have spent hours upon hours a day working though intel, cross referencing and vetting every piece, I have done everything I was told to do. I have been quiet, even though I’ve been screaming in my head.

Not just I, but a whole lot of us. We did what we’ve been told to do- just shut up and sit quietly so that “they” can get the work done. Well guess what? It’s January 2013.

You had your chance to do it your way, and obviously you didn’t have the balls to get it done. I hereby am giving you full notice that your time is up. Now….. we do this thing OUR way.

Please repeat after me:

Fuck That Shit.

I’ve already told my main military contact that I’m not playing their game any more. I’ve also told several of my other major contacts that I’m not going to shut up any more. Hell, one of them might just join me on RTS to spill the sordid details of what a freakin’ mess they’ve made of all of this.

So it comes down to this: You wanna know the truth? You CAN handle the truth!

It’s time the world KNOWs what the hell has been going on because I SWEAR I can’t take another day of this hiding in dark corners bullshit.

Give me a day or two- I need to pull this together thoroughly, and I’ll be cross referencing details with several people, because I want to make sure that you get the whole truth to the best of our abilities.

Oh and I’m putting together a team. WE are putting together a team. Wanna help out?

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