Heather of OPPT answers some of your questions from yesterday


Heather of OPPT answers some of your questions from yesterday

From RemovingTheShackles (RTS)

Good morning everyone!  Last night/early this morning Heather of OPPT went through many of the comments that were written on the article I posted yesterday.  Below are some of the questions and her replies.

I’ve put philavox’s question first, because IMO it is the most important of them all- read the comment and Heather’s reply and you’ll understand the HOW things are to roll out.

philavox15 January 2013 16:12
…So let’s say that on or around 1/21/13, the fabled Announcements, Arrests and RV occur simultaneously.

In a best case scenario, I imagine this Event as a veritable wall of water flooding all communications channels with insistent, unending momentum, to an exhausting extreme, and then some.

At that moment, it may be that we will receive the kind of clear line of communications that many of us are now asking from Heather, D, and others.

This clear line would include all manner of media at once: television, radio, internet, in a shocking blitz of global revelation about the true nature of human history to date, and, moving forward, the shape of things to come.

Further imagining this best-case scenario…the UCC filings filed by OPPT would suddenly be backed by an unstoppable protective force. What that might be exactly I cannot say. Maybe it would be comprised of a positive U.S. military, backed by the 180 nation BRICS alliance — and the two together backed by some positive galactic E.T. presence that would, ultimately, ensure the efficacy of our human collective efforts at this time to no uncertain degree.

This Event would suddenly and permanently establish a level playing field for the common human being to do what we want to do with our time and energy when we are no longer bound by the control system created by the powers that literally were (at such future moment).

At this potentially imminent future moment, the OPPT’s legalese is finally made understandable by public interpreters to a crystal clear extreme. And those of us following this difficult, emergent narrative at this more obscure moment in time heave a collective a-ha, as we finally comprehend the actual significance of what I might term Heather & Co.’s “ontological legalese.”

Perhaps — so my personal vision here goes — what we will come to appreciate is that for the first time in human history as we have known and lived it, our subjective divine-given Being has been made nothing other than the public and legal basis for our Action on earth.

Once the construct of the matrix control system is deconstructed and no longer operative, we will understand this legalese to be nothing other than the structure and universal constitution of legal human action on Earth moving forward.

Maybe it all sounds so unreal to some ears right now because we have only the control system to reference it against, which has battered the human imagination to a mere tip of its infinite potential…until now.

Once the Event and Re-Set take place, our perspective will be open to a greater possibility, backed by an alliance of protection the likes of which we may simply not believe is real until it has arrived.

Just a thought. No idea if it will hold any water whatsoever. I do enjoy imagining best case scenarios with this kind of thing, if only for the sake of furthering its (however seemingly remote) emerging possibility.

[6:34:00 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: HHHhhhhmmmmm…quite intuitive…either that, or I left my copy of the playbook at the cafe again (rofl)

Anonymous15 January 2013 12:03

I am documenting information to share with those who will be STUNNED awake by the announcements and am looking for a couple more dates.
Did anyone make a note of what day the ‘Corporation’ was dissolved?

[4:57:41 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: UNITED STATES was REGISTERED (UCC Doc. No. 2012049126) as Debtor and absolute ownernship duly secured to the one people (nunc pro tunc praeterea preterea, now as then and hereafter) on May 4, 2012, on the 12-year anniversary date of the perpetuity filing that everything is filed on…After notice was duly given on July 4, 2012, the Commercial Bills/Claim of Damages, cease and desists, for CORPORATION, all STATE OF…branches, and all international equivalents were REGISTERED on August 15, 2012, (UCC Doc. No.s 2012086794 and 2012086802.  Then JUDGMENT AND DECREE against CORPORATIONS, all STATE OF. . .branches and international equivalents for damages caused against the one people were REGISTERED August 21, 2012 (UCC Doc. File No. 2012088787, 2012088851, 2012088865).  Reconfirmation and ratification of the cancelation was REGISTERED September 4, 2012 (UCC Doc. No. 2012094308)

[4:58:23 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Hope that helps your commentor on what they are DO’ing for the one people by the people. 😉  I am sooooo excited to see it!

Anonymous15 January 2013 12:12
For better comprehension. Is the term BE in all caps considered a corporate entity?
Please clarify.


Anonymous 15 January 2013 12:25
“It is by your free will choice of each BE’ing to consciously choose TO BE or NOT TO BE and TO DO or NOT TO DO with your full responsibility and liability”.. notice? It’s time to move forward? Time to announce the intention to remove the current government… time to stand up for what you believe? You have a choice to CREATE a new government, or not? WE are creators… is that what I am understanding?

 HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Do they consciously choose to give up responsiblity for self and be governed, or do they consciously choose to be responsible for self by exercising self-governance and having systems of assistance?  Their free will choice…

Anonymous15 January 2013 12:55

The problem seems to lie in that The People are not accustomed to the Powers That Were acknowledging their criminal behavior to us. We hold them accountable and they slip away time after time. I think this document STOPS all of that cold, once and for all 🙂


Anonymous15 January 2013 13:24
‘the answers you seek can be found in you, go inside’ is that what the judge is going to hear from the trust? Im sure that is going to hold up in a court of law!

What does your ass tell your brain regarding this document? I and the majority on here havent a clue about what the document says. Please convey in simple English what your ass is saying.

[5:17:14 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: If this person is actually walking into a court of law, without declaring who he BE, his authority and principle of law and demanding they do the same, then he really didn’t get what has happened…perhaps others of the one people can help this person out if that person even chooses to be helped.  Perhaps back away from the spot and you will see the whole body in absolute context…that the spot they got you to focus on was ACTUALLY a body…BE’ing.

Anonymous15 January 2013 13:4013:16 try telling the court that they are fictional when you are in there before a judge for not paying a parking ticket. Its very healthy for humans to live in reality and not in illusion

 HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Don’t tell them they are fictional!!! Let them tell you who they BE, what authority they operate under, and what law they are using….that’s what the UCC 3-501 Demands for documentation are for…it even states that you are asking without dishonor…meaning they can’t throw any one in jail, or do any damage to you without first producing that documentation…the judges know that, but most of the people haven’t…NO ONE GOES TO JAIL WITHOUT GIVING THEIR OWN CONSET TO IT…THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN GOING TO JAIL JUST DON’T KNOW THEY GAVE CONSENT, HENCE, THE PURPORTED JUDGES ARE IN A SERIOUS FIX BECAUSE ANY CONSENT NOT GIVEN KNOWINGLY, WILLINGLY, AND INTENTIONALLY IS CONSENT BY DECEPTION..SEE HOW THE PURPORTED JUDGES (and all PTW) PUT THE PAPERTRAIL OF THEIR OWN CRIMES RIGHT IN PLAIN SIGHT????  Your free will choice to BE or NOT TO BE consciously…

Anonymous15 January 2013 17:09
If you want to see how well this will go over in court show it to an attorney. I was hoping someone else would do it after I did. I showed it to my brother who has practiced law in two states for 40 some years and he thought I was nuts for even wasting his time with what he called “absolute bullshit”. He said if he wasted a judges time with this, he would be disbarred.
Why has nobody else showed this to an attorney? Show it to an aged attorney who is getting out anyway. That is what I did and he had no reason to lie to me because he is retiring this year.

 HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Most BAR attorneys don’t even know who they are really working for, or that they are aiding and abetting crimes…lol.  So they are incompetent by design and cannot help.  Those BAR attorneys that do know who they really are working for and that they are not only aiding and abetting crimes, but committing them, are probably not going to help the people figure it out!

BZ Riger15 January 2013 13:12
The inauguration of the president of the United States takes place during the commencement of a new term of a president of the United States, which is every four years on January 20. Prior to the Twentieth Amendment, the date was March 4, the day of the year on which the Constitution of the United States first took effect in 1789…

When Inauguration Day has fallen on a Sunday, the chief justice has administered the oath to the president either on inauguration day itself or on the Sunday privately and the following Monday publicly. The next scheduled public presidential inauguration ceremony, swearing-in Barack Obama to begin his second four-year term in office, will take place on Monday, January 21, 2013. The President will make a private oath of office on Sunday, January 20.


A15 January 2013 19:37
I have to agree with you. Truly, I believe something is happening (many things, really) and I believe all of this to be true… but if this is “for the people” why is it written in such a TERRIBLY unclear way? Regardless of where the writer is “coming from” spiritually, or otherwise, it really would be more effective if it were simplified and to the point. It’s really rather frustrating to me and I wish it weren’t. I also wish I knew more about what this means for us all… what this will do. It’s almost written as if we are just supposed to “know”, or make these things happen… but I do not.

[5:40:28 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: If it is unclear to anyone, then is that not an indicator of the position of your BE’ing…like a barrometer?  That is why it is so important for the one people to individually consciously focus their energy on their BE’ing…raise your state of BE’ing, your consciousness, and then go back and re-read…you may just find that with each time it becomes clearer, because you do 😉

Anonymous15 January 2013 13:46
According to Jeremiah 39:2, Babylon penetrated the walls of Jerusalem in the 11th year, 4th month, and 9th day of King Zedekiah’s reign.

1. September 11, 2001 + 11 years = September 11, 2012

2. September 11, 2012 + 4 months = January 11, 2013

3. January 11, 2013 + 9 days = January 20, 2013

We arrive at the date of January 20, 2013!

Ladies and Gentlemen , January 20, 2013 happens to be the same day as the coming Presidential Inauguration! (except for when it falls on a Sunday, as this year, an oath will be taken on both Sunday privately, and Monday, publicly).

[5:41:07 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: NO that is not it. 😉

brando900015 January 2013 13:48
They can make this document with all these claims they want. Whos to say any of the “PTW” will give two shits or listen? I dont even really understand it tbh with all the DOing this and BEing that… What are they trying to say about the hole oath taking thing? All I know is if O gets sworn in again its going to make thing look really bad… Considering if all of this is true and Bohner is interim Pres. then theres no way O should be getting sworn in again right?

[5:43:07 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: (chuckle)  Well, the best way to know whether they “give two S#*%@”, would be to communicate with them…that’s what I do ;).  I love you!!!

Anonymous15 January 2013 14:03
Where else did this press release gwt submitted? What paper for Public Notification was it posted in? What registrar? Blogs are not considerwd “public registration” same rules apply to any legal notice to be rebutted within 30 days. Please advise.

[5:46:48 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Everything is REGISTERED on the UCC.  When you file on the UCC, it constitutes lawful and legal “notice by public registration” and no other registration or notice is required by law…however, you could be kind and provide a courtesy copy to whomever you are dealing with if you choose by your free will 😉

Anonymous15 January 2013 17:51
so where is it filed? D said DC but I still cannot find any record of these UCC documents. can anyone provide a link or is it just filed on this blog for a small handful of people?

[5:49:44 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: you can google “WA DC UCC search” and it takes you to ROD the WA DC UCC search vehicle.  Registration was free, but you have to pay for the copies of the searched documents…hence we posted the full documents on the Public Trust website, but you can still see the File Numbers of the documents on ROD.

[5:51:05 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: http://gov.propertyinfo.com/DC-Washington/

[5:51:29 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: here is the link, but I just tried it and it appears that it is “down”…lmao!

Anonymous15 January 2013 14:03
This just in…..

“D” pees on legs of true believers, tells them it’s raining.

True believers run out and buy umbrellas.


[5:53:17 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Do you choose to believe another…or be responsible enough to know…just look up at the sky and you senses within should be able to discern the truth of the matter, yes?  You are funny!!!  Thank you for the smile. H (chuckle)

Anonymous15 January 2013 15:19
Matt – caught my attention.
the paragraph below seams to be indicating that OPPT documents put a stop to Nesara and releasing of prosperity funds etc?

The Public Trust does give Absolute Gratitude and Grace in Absolute Love and Peace to the BE’ings known as “Poof”, “American Kabuki”, “Kauilapele” and Brian for serving the highest good of The One in unconsciously revealing the point of origin of “the boots on the ground” attempting to implement these purported “INTERIM GOVERNMENTS”, slavery systems reorganized under
CODE of canceled ENTITY and its CONSTITUTION, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA unlawfully and illegally purporting to be NESARA, NESARA LAW, with authority to release prosperity funds, inclusive of those in St. Germaine’s Trust. Hence, the failure of official announcement

[5:58:44 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: We only put a stop to the PTW trying to pretend to be an “Interim Government” and pretending to operate under “NESARA LAW”, and pretending to have authority to release any prosperity funds…all the while pretending and making false claims without any accountability to the people…by their free will choice they decided that they didn’t want to be held accountable for any MORE damages against the people, which they knew we would secure and REGISTER for the people equally.  (chuckle)

[6:00:34 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: We did not put a stop to any thing other than people hiding behind the scenes trying to steal what is not theirs …again…NOT PERMITTED AND THE GUARD IS AWARE AND ACTING IN THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL THE ONE, UNDER FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY…NOT FOR ANY SPECIAL OR SELF INTEREST…

Matt McCauley15 January 2013 16:30
essentially… the whole issues I have with these OPPT offerings (aside from atrocious grammatical errors seemingly induced by excessive hfcs intake) as of late is the use of the terminology “the powers that were.” Being as my desire to be a lawyer subsided almost twenty years ago during my second year of college it may be beyond my knowledge but this is not only suspect but too vague. It defines nothing but libel, opinion and leaves things WIDE open to interpretation. There is simply no way to convict the guilty collective based on a pop culture nickname.

Again, the idea behind the ucc strategy is excellent but the nowhere thing didn’t “hit” nor “miss” with me. The Ron Paul issue made this dead in the water. How so many lack critical thought about him perplexes me. Longtime politician in a perpetually corrupt organization thrust into the hearts of weeks the slaves to rally behind gets button raped by the GOOd and quickly concedes. nice controlled opposition to ensure the blood diamond entrepreneur from “down the road” (from me) received the nomination. Anyone ever hear of an olden party called “democratic republicans?”

Lastly, I really hope folks women up to the idea of “constitutionists.” The very constitution so many want to cling to is an old Masonic scribe that never was approved by the ILLITERATE colonists. It’s sole purpose easy to protect the framers as they didn’t trust one another. So many revere the treasonous, masonic founding fathers. might as well believe their vote “counts.”

[6:06:37 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Matt–grammatical errors are solely mine……”Powers That Were” is current lawful and legal status of the people’s own term “Powers That Be”…in the UCC’s the “Powers That Were” were lawfully and legally identified..however, you would have to read all of the UCC’s to know that ;)…The Constitution is not what every one thinks it is…the one people, the people were never a party to it…except the contracting signatories and their blood lines by inheritance to UNITED STATES (formerly Virginia Co., etc.)

[6:12:14 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: REGARDING RON PAUL…well, let all the data come out…if, let’s hypothetically assume for the moment that all politicians and chief justices, minimum, know that they were working for a corporation owned by the banks….what do your tools of resonance tell you when one of them comes out, peddles, and encourages “secession” from a corporation operating under the guise of “people’s government”…would that equate the secession of the people from the McDonalds Corporation operating under the guise of the “people’s government”?

Anonymous15 January 2013 15:06
This sounds like it is more for insiders than it does for the general public. These methods are being used purposely to communicate messages to people in the know and the public will only be guessing. For some reason I get the impression it must be done this way. I got these impressions after reading this for the second time. After the first time, I was befuddled and angry, but upon further review real things/codes/events seem to be sent out with this method of communication.

[6:14:54 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: yes very true about the communication of messages, however, there is also a resetting of the CODE (COnsciously DEceiving) that they have done to everyone happening too…everything is absolutely about energy, words are one tool/vehicle to deliver energy…I consciously give you mine without judgment and in absolute love and peace.

Anonymous15 January 2013 15:37
I see it as “permission” and “direction” for Congress to act.

[6:17:19 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Congress was canceled and does not exist accept in the vapors that are still visible…You already had hints that Congress had no power a long time ago by Panetta and the UN…their brazen conscious actions, and the papertrail of the truth, data, is all in plain sight..by your free will choose TO BE CONSCIOUS or NOT TO BE CONSCIOUS…but please make the choice now.

Anonymous15 January 2013 15:08
Hi, Nothing will happen.

I appreciate the effort of those ‘doing’ while trying to ‘be’ in UCC.
There is a legal maxim. Unewqual things cannot be joined together.
So ‘nothing will happen’ seems to be calling it as they see it.

How can you talk the Creator within us and register it in UCC?
The Creator stepping down to man’s jurisdiction to state the claim of Right to Be?

Doesn’t make sense. And UCC cannot be brought up into the state of Be’ing because it’s commercial, not natural.

When people initially used it, they were trying to claim their strawman, and the original filing was good for 5 years and required renewal. Driver’s Licenses are good for 5 years and require renewal. So even their 2000 claim is not into perpetuity until they renew it over and over into perpetuity. As a transmitting utility it would be valid for 99 years but it’s not created as a transmitting utility.

Again I appreciate the effort, but it would seem the one PPT would need to consider their self free first. THEN, they can work on the freedoms of the rest.

What has changed since Oct, 22, 2012?
People in Texas celebrate June 19th because it was on that day, after slaves had been free for a year, that they found out they were free. They celebrate because they were free, and because they found out they were free and don’t harbor on the delay. The truth was revealed even if people in the state tried to keep it from being known for at least a year.

TOPPT has been known for months. The only thing we have is rumor in some places and changes in another that doesn’t make sense. Like states can’t secede, fiscal cliff averted, debt ceiling in reach, talk of a platinum trillion dollar coin (seemed bankers came up with that one…they are already hold $billion dollars in dollar coins in place of the worthless paper they gave us…I can see them backing their money with a $ trillion dollar commodity. They gave the world worthless bonds that can’t be cashed in. They lost the full faith and trust of the people so they and what they produce is worthless, in my opinion. . Also, my opinion is, the debt is what is owed to us – the people -, each signature generates a value, and I don’t know if the IRS was keeping tabs on how much was borrowed for their government to keep operating. IF they raise the debt ceiling that’s more money owed to ‘us’. That’s why they bicker about raising it in my opinion.

WalMart will move their part time workers to full time (it’s about time), buy more American made products (towels will be branded as Made Here…seriously), and hire any veteran who was honorably discharged within 12 months of their exit from service. I’m watching to see what changed to where WalMart is doing what they normally do not do. Something has changed.

[6:24:15 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: STRAWMAN does not exist anymore..only the BE’ing does…it was all done for each and every one of the one people on the planet.  Had to be done in order for the people to just BE and to stand and declare who they BE…that is the current status and the only thing the people have to do now is BE what ever they choose to be.  If you choose to re-engage the strawman system, then you do so only for your self…and no other…every BE’ing is making their own free will choices.  Have fun and injoy!

Anonymous15 January 2013 15:27
It sounds like the “screaming” of the cabal has begun. Per Drudge Report: Rand Paul bucking Obama’s KING- like behavior, Bernanke screaming “Get rid of the Debt Ceiling, it has no practical value”, Swiss Authorities hold Mubarak millions as Egypt remains volatile….Donald Trump demanding Republicans stand firm on the debt ceiling….Obama threatening Executive orders…..Geithner saying US government will default by February with severe consequences…NY Cuomo passes sweeping gun laws in a quick rush…. Tomorrow Obama and Biden unveil their recommendations on new gun restrictions, Morgan Stanley employees getting 1 million dollar bonus’ this week, House Republican Stockman (Texas) calling for Impeachment of Obama if he uses Executive Orders to pass gun control, Texas is threatening to arrest any FEDs who try to enforce new gun laws. Even Sarah Palin is posting: “Be confident of this: No matter what you face, you have what it takes! You can do all things through Christ. Phil 4:13″………. I call all this…..”screaming”…. its like a mad dash for power….. Sarah Palin’s comment has no link…. tells me, she is in the know and inciting strength in God…..to all those involved in this reset.

[6:26:14 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: (rofl)(chuckle);)  yes, listen to all the screaming…nice that it is them for a change and the one people, yes?

[6:29:09 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: all the data will come out…the people deserve that …and, yes, most of them can handle it, but you are going to have to keep your minds and hearts wide open because it is…unfathomable….at least from the position of “the sleepy slumber by design”… that any of it happened the way it has 😉

Anonymous15 January 2013 15:45
It is unfortunate that this well-meant effort to restore the right of self-government and to implement our God-given abundance should be hampered by such an impenetrable mish-mash of a press release. One senses that buried deep beneath the excessive verbiage is the germ of a viable legal strategy relying on common law, but if even the true-believers here at RTS are thoroughly confused, how do you expect the public to react? Put these lines into the hands of a Saturday Night Live sketch exactly as they are written, and they are a perfect wacked-out send-up of a New Age Liberation press release…

How can we expect anyone to take this seriously? Heather badly needs a PR person who knows how to write a credible press release.

If the predicted event happens (and just what that event is supposed to be is now darn-near indecipherable as well) then no one will care that the press release is written in the style of Nostradamus on acid. Here’s hoping that’s the case. It is clear than an awful lot of work went into this. Couldn’t it have been written in plain English?

[6:30:33 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: what makes you assume that I don’t know how to write a press release? Or that I don’t have very good friends within main stream media that could assist me?  If you want a different result, then you are gonna have to change the formula, my friend 😉

[6:34:27 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Thank you for BE’ing (heart)

Anonymous15 January 2013 16:55
This shows me just how delusional Heather et al really are. To think anyone outside of their mutual 5D club will take any of this with a any seriousness is a direct indication of this delusion. It’s a curious thing how they keep this nonsense going with one another. I guess you’re either in the club or out of the club as indicated by the hostilities of true believers on this blog. And they become hostile because they know deep inside there is no rational defense or support for any of this.

[6:35:38 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: thank you for BE’ing too and for holding the contrast!!! I absolutely love you without judgment :*

Anonymous15 January 2013 17:17
If the predicted event happens (and just what that event is supposed to be is now darn-near indecipherable as well) then no one will care that the press release is written in the style of Nostradamus on acid.


Would love that…a vacation!!!  WHhhooooohoooo!  “Nostradamus on acid”…I love your sense of humor..you do make me laugh IN JOY. (chuckle)(highfive)

Anonymous15 January 2013 15:48
And still the question that has never been answered is: How is this ever going to be enforced?

[6:40:19 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: (you actually answer your own question…thank you for DO’ing!!)

Anonymous15 January 2013 18:18
It sounds to me that toppt has identified RTS as the “boots on the ground” working for an implementation of an interim government. Meaning trying to keep the “powers that were” in power under the guise of NESARA…..idk but that’s the way I read it….

[6:44:59 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: NOoooo…but RTS and many others are the “boots on the ground” of the Absolute Plan (some choose to refer to it as Divine Plan, however, I am not resonating with anything that limits…for something to be divine the contrast of something non-divine must exist…so for me, ABSOLUTE PLAN!! ;))

Anonymous15 January 2013 18:44
Miller is totally available for contact – he only charges $100/hr.
JUDGE :David-Wynn :Miller. ~5166-~NORTH-~63rd.-~Street,-~MILWAUKEE, ~WISCONSIN-~53218

Keenan is an underworld guy – totally different.

[7:02:31 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: let all the data come out….and you may find that “EARTH IS A VESSEL IN A SEA OF SPACE”…amongst other vessels out there?

Anonymous15 January 2013 19:11
If Keenan is in contact with Dingbat Jean, then I would think he could give an interview to his alleged good buddy Drake.


Anonymous15 January 2013 18:33
David Wynn Miller live on Universal Voice tomorrow (Wed) live @7pm. Also, a show today with one of his associates (simulcast of Morning Brew) today, you can listen to it on the UV website.

IMPORTANT NOTE – he talked (today) about those who had lost homes charging a “caretaker fee” of minimum wage 24×7 for the time you lived in the home. Depending on your minimum wage, this could come to about $64,000 in compensation for those who have lost their homes.

[7:05:43 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: PERHAPS…with the absolute data revealed (not one piece of data missing) that you may know and appreciate the fact that you didn’t have to navigate the secrets, CODES, and try to find the nexus points of entry…perhaps you may even decide that IT IS ALREADY DONE..AND PERHAPS you will determine after the fact that all you had to DO was consciously choose by your free will to just BE and DO what you BE…perhaps…
[7:06:01 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: and that it was all done for FREE!

Anonymous15 January 2013 19:08
wait- DWM on Drake show? i thot i read somewhere that Drake pretty much said DWM was a nobody? i would like to think that DWM is not a flash in the pan/fly by night 15 minute wonder. i have listened to a few hours of one of his presentations. he is either: an incredible, brilliant, convincing pathological liar with a photographic memory; disinfo – but throws in some good stuff- like the other disinfo sites; or maybe he is what he appears with some flawed info. and can someone please answer a question about him – is this guy a genuine federal judge – and if he is not and has been going around saying he is one – is he technically impersonating – so wouldnt that constitute impersonating a officer of the court – or impersonating some kind of official?

i think they guy has some interesting info. i keep an open mind when i watch him – but i noticed the the wording in the declaration of Heathers’ – it sounds like it could have come from something DWM wrote. before anyone nails me on this – i am NOT saying he wrote it- just making a comparison bc i cannot understand anything he says when he starts talking his parse syntax grammer, either.

[7:10:17 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: Didn’t David say in one of his videos that there are certain kinds of folks?  Including “those who don’t know what they don’t know”, and “those who know that they don’t know”?  Perhaps David is considering that there was something else he didn’t know….from what he has set forth, he appears quite adept at DO’ing, specifically going in and finding out what he doesn’t know…and no problem with serving self-interest as long as it doesn’t damage another…

Greg Diablo15 January 2013 20:13
This has got to be one of the most high-context, dithyrambic threads I’ve ever read. And it all reminds me of all the other times last year when Lucy pulled away the football:
1)Wilcock and his romance with 12/21/12 and financial tyranny,
2) Fulford and the ninjas that never arrived in April (April Fools!)
3) Drake and the 4th of July ‘green light’ that never happened
4) Keenan pulling the lawsuit, discrediting Wilcock who disappears to Canada
5) Cobra and the “fairy dust” debacle
6) all the hubbub over the disappearing Poof video
7) The OPPT Christmas announcement
8) D.’s “Fuck that shit” post
… and here we are again, with the additional walk-on guy DW Miller.

I’m starting to feel like I have Stockholm Syndrome here, and perhaps I’ll have to walk over to Lucy’s Psychiatric help booth with a bagful of nickels so she can abuse me further.

[7:14:42 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: hhhmmmm….put all the data on the table (not one piece missing) and then the dots will connect… however, during the process of disclosure of ALL THE DATA…perceptions may be taken as absolute truths (sun rises and sets v. sun always is) 😉


D breakingthesilence: can you explain the CVAC funding to me- they asked me about it on the show tonight and I had to tell them that I really didnt’ know or fully understand what it is

[15/01/2013 10:43:56 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: everything done by PT runs two templates
 1. enter and REGISTER what already IS…back to prime
 2. offence blocking measures to ensure all data remains visible and does not disappear and that everything is spread equally amongst each of the one people.

[15/01/2013 10:48:15 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: CVAC did both…registered at least what the one people thought was truth..that the governments were theirs and serving/supposed to be serving their interests equally…and by registration, any other who has a lawful and legal liability is now required to register as well to gain superior position to the people…like boner/paul issue…but those types can’t because then they the admission of their liability and the damage is registered just by them registering!

[15/01/2013 10:59:16 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: however, each person is a bank in essence whose value was taken only akin to  someone writing fraudulent checks against you account but never processed because your tellers have been sleeping behind counters…so ptw keeps writing bad checks hoping tellers don’t wakeup…but they did…now (heart)

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