GoFundMe ~ How to Contribute to Better Mother Earth’s Devastation


GoFundMe ~ How to Contribute to Better Mother Earth’s Devastation


MSNBC News Ed Show Update 6/27/14:  http://www.msnbc.com/the-ed-show/watch/our-oceans-are-sick-291093571737


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Update: Colleen Rich on the ODD Collective Radio Show:  http://soulhangout.podomatic.com/entry/2014-07-03T19_59_16-07_00

Update: Colleen Rich on Wolf Spirit Radio Show…Why I chose to Change Gears and Help to Clean Up the Ocean & Help the Sick Dolphins & Eco-System Testing the Shungite…Starts around 27:50 mark into the Interview:  http://soulhangout.podomatic.com/entry/2014-07-11T23_40_07-07_00


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The Oil Spill ~ My Story

How to contribute to better the Earth’s devastation with the cause that is close to your heart if you feel helplessly hopeless about the Oil Spills in our Seas.

We all carry this sense of violation from Fracking and Oil Drilling. It’s like feeling our planet’s heartbeat.The truth is, it paralyzes us because it is so enormous, we don’t know how to contribute our grain of sand towards the solution of the problem and at least feel like we are doing something. The good news my friends is, there are steps to take towards solving the problem in co-creative oneness.

Let us frame the problem first.

After the 2010 Oil Spill I heard from several of my friends throughout the Gulf Region about the Destruction and Devastation that ensued… most and much of which you will never hear about from the media… not even to this day! BTW…don’t let the media fool you…thousands­ – millions of people have still not been paid!!!

The devastation that happened down here was a sort of silent killer that not only occurred at the time of the Oil Spill but also for years to come. It took a Financial, Mental, Economical, Emotional, Animal, Marine Life, Physical, Marital and Ecosystem toll on everything!!

First, there was the Obvious Destruction and Devastation that was visible with the naked eye. Then the Death and Devastation for the Ocean Sea Life (Dolphins, Turtles, Fish, Crabs, Birds Etc.), the Wetlands/Land and the Beaches. Then came the Assault on the Ocean, Eco­life, Beaches, Land and Human alike from the Disbursement Chemical Poison they chose to use!! This will actually, in the long run probably devastate more life forms than the Oil Spill itself!! There were a couple well proven eco­friendly options to use, but they wanted their Chemical.

This Chemical Poison is causing a variety of Devastating effects. Below are just a few…

1) The Ocean Sea Life is showing Genetic Changes/Mutations/Illnesses. Extra, or Less Anatomical Body Parts/Structures. Unexplained Disease and Illnesses. (Of course they will say this is a lie!)

2) The Crabs and other Ocean Sea Life are coming on shore either Dead or in Parts and Pieces… some of which are globs of translucent pieces of body parts… like what we have seen in the Pacific from the nuclear disaster in Japan.

3) The Entire Ocean Sea Life, Animals, Birds, and Ecosystem are Completely Destroyed and Nonexistent West of Pensacola through Louisiana. (By the way I have talked to visitors from Corpus Christi Texas, that tell me of the Devastating Effects that the Oil Industry over there has done and continues to do as we speak.) They have a Brown Smelly Ocean there…how sad!!

4) The Turtles and Fish wash up on shore Dead on a daily basis! There are NO Birds In certain parts of the Gulf!! What was once Lush and Green Nature is now Dead, Barren Wasteland! The Dolphins, Sea Life, Birds and Wildlife went through Obvious Hell… but now, they are all showing signs of Long­term Sickness and Mutations!

5) The Oil keeps coming up on shore to this day (although it will be denied)… sometimes in clumps and sometimes in small granular pools for lack of a better description. The granules are caused from the Disbursement. To this day…If you take a submarine to the bottom of the ocean you will find a Lake of Oil floating just above the bottom surface of the ocean! This Lake of Oil has Killed All Life below it. Could you imagine what would happen if or when a Hurricane hits the affected area in the Gulf?? The Oil & Disbursement will fly through the air causing even more Devastation and Sickness in the future!! It is estimated that These Land and Oceans in the affected areas will not be safe for at least 10 years or longer!

6) Now let’s talk about the Health of the people. (We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg for this category!!) Those who helped to clean up the Disastrous Devastating effects of the Oil Spill from the Land/Wetlands, Oceans and Beaches, those helping to rescue and clean up the Dolphins, Turtles, Birds and other Lifeforms, those working the beaches on a daily basis and those that live(d) close to the Ocean and Beaches are showing Signs and Symptoms of Sickness ranging from Rashes, Sinus and Respiratory Issues, to Coughing Up Blood and Major Lung Damage!!

By the way for a little insight… we’ve only begun to see the tip of the iceberg on this one. But the Medical Claims are only open to be filed for 1 year from February 2014 to February 2015. Also, there were an estimated 200,000 workers and helpers after the Oil Spill and the majority were supposedly Spanish Speaking. Maybe this is why the Medical Claims are only open for 1 year, when the illness & health issues will only get worse for years to come?!?!

Some people were so Sick, or Becoming so Sick that they had to literally Move Away from the Ocean. What about the other people? The people that lived and worked on or close to the Beach? The people Rescuing the Wildlife and Ocean Sea Life? What about the average person that Lives/Lived close to or visited the Beach regularly? What about the people that Breathe(d) that Air Daily… especially on more of nature’s more active days and stormy periods? What about the people that Swim in the Polluted Ocean? What about the people that Eat the Seafood? What about Long­term Effects of Eating of Seafood? I have personally been sick from eating seafood several times now and the places I ate were very replicable places.

It’s just like going to Mexico and visiting. If you drink the local water you will more than likely get sick! But if you’re a local Mexican… you won’t get sick. Nonetheless if you are not a local from there and drink the local water, you will more than likely be So Sick that you’ll be praying for mercy and relief to stop the sickness!!

7) As for the Financial/Economical Losses that occurred. People lost their Jobs, the Rental Incomes, their Businesses, their Donations which help run Nonprofits…Feeding and Sheltering of People and Animals, their Home Values and their Marriages!!! This caused a ripple effect throughout the Nations Economy and the areas that were really affected were and are the South/Southeast. These Devastating Financial Losses caused people to fight for what they could get. After all they had to feed their families and pay their bills.

It caused others to Close Up and leave. And caused people to Lose their Retirement. For others it caused so many Conflicts in their Personal Lives and Marriages that it eventually ended in Divorce! Kudos to those who survived and stayed together, as my hat goes off to you!!!!!!

I have friends who lost everything financially. I have friends who lost their health. I have friends who lost their marriages. And all of them had friends as well that lost the same, and those friends had friends and so on.

Shungite: I am also trying to help the Dolphins and other Ocean Sealife, Wildlife & Ecosystem. This will require something called Shungite…not from this planet, it is a Carbon 8 base & comes from a place in a lake in Russia. Humans are Carbon 2. The lake that Shungite is found in, is crystal clear & clean.

Another lake Shungite was tested in also turned crystal clear & clean. The Shungite also helps to purify living creatures & BEings…it is used with humans & animals alike, with great results! The Shungite is quite costly but well worth it. We will test it on Ocean Water…small & large amounts, as well as with sick Dolphins & other life forms. THIS WILL BE MY/OUR FIRST PRIORITY!!!

I am not only focusing on the problem BUT also in the solutions, I am also concentrated on trying to help the Dolphins, Whales and the Tunas, the doctors of the ocean. We need to try to help Clean & heal the Gulf…which may lead to cures for other Oceans & Disaster Stricken areas!

This is why I chose to pack up my life… put everything in storage… pack up my car with basic needs and my pets and come down to the Gulf Region to help as many people as I possibly can!! I feel the need to help others fight back to regain some aspects of their lives. I have spent thousands of dollars of my own money to do this. I’m not telling you to look like a saint… I just want you to understand my dedication to this cause and how committed I am!!

I realize that things are not remotely as bad in the Gulf now as they first were after the Oil Spill…but thousands people have still not been compensated and billions of dollars are still not recovered. The Ocean Sealife & Wildlife as well as humans are getting sicker. That’s what I’m doing all around the Gulf…helping people recover some of their losses the best I can, while trying to help save the Dolphins & other Ocean Sealife & Wildlife, while trying to help clean the Ocean of Toxins!

So the constant traveling and moving around costs time and money, especially during the season…spring and summer months. So does the costs of the Shungite that is quite expensive per volume. This is for financial losses as well as medical/health issues. This keeps me busy from 8am – 10pm or longer on a daily basis.

The time to look the other way in the face of so much suffering and devastation is over for me. Because ignoring evil is the same as accepting it. And yes, you can help other people stand up to the entities responsible. It is time for Action. If this issue is close to your heart, you can start Taking Action with your own grain of sand. Whatever you can afford. So that you feel better about the need to bettering the Earth by being part of the solution.

The truth is that if you think about it, Crowdfunding is the best tool ever to debunk the banking system and prompt its melt down. Everybody wins. Now…Can you imagine a world where everybody is riding the wave of their soul purpose and passion to contribute to humanity supported and FUNDED by the grain of sand of the many, one at a time with little effort?

When you think about it, investing $90 for example, in a cause that is close to your heart to better our beloved Mother Earth, is a small investment and at the same time is the crucial investment that will mean so much for so many people. Best of all it will relief the sense of impotence, hopelessness and helplessness because you will know now that you are part of the solution.

Do you think the banks will have a chance then? Especially when we are at a brink of banking reform?

Not only that but when we stand up together we send a clear signal that we are not stopping on the way to recover our sovereignty.

Now my friends, if you accept my humble invitation to join me in this crucial process to help the victims of the Oil Spill achieve compensation, as the first step in the right direction to claim their sovereignty and if this is a cause that resonate with you, here is what I need.

The truth is I need some help if I am to continue. My work here in the Gulf Region is really starting to take off but it takes many, many months to get paid and I want to help as many people as possible to fightback as I can. I owe it to myself not to leave loose ends. If you know somebody who know somebody in that situation. You know what I mean. It is a long term commitment.

Here are the numbers I have worked out for you so that I can be financially funded to continue on for the following months.

I need funds to pay for the following…

~ Hotels/Housing/Rentals                                            $13,000
~ Storage Costs                                                          $2,600
~ Technology/Softwares/Phones/Internet/Hotspots        $2,800
~ Basic Essentials & Vehicle Costs                                $6,000
~ Shungite                                                                 $5,000
TOTAL                                                                 $29,400.00

I am looking for as close to 25K­-30K as I can get, but Every Bit Helps!! I have already spent much more than that of my own money but I know things will change. I expect to start receiving compensation for my work within the year.

Please help me get from here to there. Thank you in advance for any help you may offer from the bottom of your heart and thanks for reading my story!!

PS: Here is the good news. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. It appears to be that the new energy technology can actually help clean our Seas and is being tested in Fukushima as we speak…Until it happens and the new technologies have free access there is a huge need to support the victims of the Oil Spill by fighting back. Fighting back is a crucial step in the process to healing Mother Earth in co-­creative coherence.


MSNBC News Ed Show Update 6/27/14:  http://www.msnbc.com/the-ed-show/watch/our-oceans-are-sick-291093571737

You can read more here: http://www.soulhangout.net/how-to-contribute-to-better-gaias-devastation-with-the-cause-that-is-close-to-your-heart-if-you-feel-helplessly-hopeless-about-the-oil-spills-in-our-seas/

Here: http://lucas2012infos.wordpress.com/2014/06/16/rsn-supreme-court-orders-bp-to-pay-up-16-june-2014/

And here: http://goldenageoftruth.com/gofundme-how-to-contribute-to-better-gaias-devastation/

And More Truth: http://www.abeldanger.net/2010/08/deepwater-horizon-sabotage-fraudulent.html

If you have any inquiries regarding this please contact me at gulfdevastationhelp@gmail.com


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