Gaia Portal ~ Upsurges Are Noted..


Gaia Portal ~ Upsurges Are Noted..

From GaiaPortal

C K Rich: I can personally attest to this message.

8 Feb 2013

We have observed an upsurge in 4D-5D activity over the past 3 hours, beginning at 1900 UTC. At this moment, the upsurge appears to continue.

Energetics of Gaia are re-forming around this upsurge, and will plateau at a much Higher and more refined energy level.

Those who have adapted to multi-dimensional understandings will align rapidly with this Higher level. While retaining integrity (unity) with all so-called “lower” levels.

Upsurge appears visually to the ÉirePort team as a spiral projecting upward, counterclockwise rotation when viewed from “above” (although this is strictly energetic, without 3D counterpart).

This report is offered as information only, and does not include predictives.

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