A Look Into Your Future Timeline ~ Galactic Federation of Light 9/17/12


A Look Into Your Future Timeline ~ Galactic Federation of Light 9/17/12

Channeled Through Greg Giles

Brick by brick by brick you are building your new home with every thought and dream of hope for a better place for all of you, to better enjoy and better prosper from your journey. There have been a few bricks from time to time that needed to be replaced, for they were a bit cracked and they were placed a little out of line, but we will say for the most part the construction of your new home has been moving along very efficiently and at a very steady and, at times, brisk pace, as there are moments and there are days and there are even spans of several days and even a week or two where so many of you have helped create your new world through very pure thought forms, very positive vibrations, and we say to you if you could just keep this up, if you could just keep the pace going without any drops in your vibration, allowing your thoughts forms to become negative or, we shall say, contaminated, then your new home can be built faster and stronger, for this is how it works.

How it works is, as you continue on through each and every day all of you are thinking, you are speaking, you are acting, you are daydreaming, and when you do this you are creating, there is no other way. There is no way to be doing any of these things and even just one of these things without creating pieces of a future and possible timeline. We feel at this point of your journey most of you, especially those who are reading these words right now, are fully aware of this and fully understand this most important concept, for you cannot live one day without creating the next. Basically, this is how it works, and this is why it is so important for all of you to mind your thoughts, paying attention to what is on your mind at all times and make a conscious effort to lift these thoughts forms from the negative to the positive at all times.

In the early stages, when you first begin to consciously alter your thoughts forms for the better this may be a bit of a trick, for many of you have fallen into the detrimental habit of thinking in the negative, always looking at the bad side of everything and always fearing and expecting the worst. We cannot tell you how hazardous of a way of thinking this truly is. We can only warn you that you are creating future timelines that we feel you certainly would not look forward to experiencing. What we suggest is practice at this, for practice does make perfect and it is perfect that you are going for here, though it is not always necessary to finish a complete day thinking only positive things for you and your future, no not at all. As a matter of fact, just a slight majority of positive thoughts over negative thoughts will bring to you a future timeline that is of a positive nature.

How about that? Do you find that good news? Do you find that inspiring and motivating? We feel this should be all the motivation you shall require to make every attempt to lift each and every thought form higher and higher into a positive vibration. How to do this, one may ask? Well, we say to you each and every thought is a child and this child is going to grow and mature into adulthood, which metaphorically will be your tomorrow, your future timeline that you may experience. Therefore, we wish you to coddle and nurture and infuse with love every one of your children which are your thoughts. Think of each and every one of your thoughts as your newborn child, and you certainly would not think negatively of your child and wish your newborn child to be surrounded by negativity would you? Well, we do not think you would, and we think if you practice this simple exercise to treat each and every one of your newborn thoughts throughout your day as your child and you wish for her nothing but the best of everything that life has to offer and you wish to raise her positively within a higher vibration, then you will be able to change each and every one of your negative thoughts into a positive somehow.

Just use your vivid imagination. If you’re thinking ‘Oh, I am not going to have enough money to pay the bills this month’, immediately change that thought form and instead say to yourself ‘I am going to somehow find a way to pay the bills this month and if not, it is not the end of the world. I will find another suitable solution to this somehow, someway, because I said so and I will make it be.’ That’s all. That is all you have to say to turn a negative into a great positive. When you think about that, do you think you could do that? We think you can do that, and we wish to see improvements on this front starting immediately today, for we wish for all of you to continue constructing your house on solid ground, on a solid foundation, made of positive vibrations, uplifting thoughts, hopes and dreams instead of a lot of negativity, worry and fear, for this is no way to build a home and this kind of foundation will not support a higher dimensional paradise, that is for sure.

So when concrete is poured of a negative variety we will tear the days construction down, for this will not benefit any of you and we are certain you would not like to experience the future timeline that you are creating through all this negativity, would you? We do not think you would, so we, your construction foremans you can call us (and you can imagine us wearing hardhats walking around with great architectural blueprints), see some shoddy construction at times and we say ‘This will not do. Tear this all down and start again fresh, first thing in the morning’, and that is actually what we do, quite literally. So you can just imagine how strong and how beautiful your new home will be if we tear down what is not strong and what is not gorgeous and start again the next morning and only add to your new home what is of pristine beauty and incredible strength and stability.

This is what we do and we do our jobs pretty well, as we have been doing them for quite a very long time. We have designed and built worlds through the assistance, which is through the thought forms, of the inhabitants of these worlds for millions, yes millions of years. When you think about that, do you think we have the experience for the job here? Do you think we are qualified? Do you find our resume impressive? We feel it is, and if we could show you photographs of some of the worlds that we have helped create, many of you would become quite inspired to begin to construct your world each and every day to the purest and the highest of vibration. We wish we could do that, but unfortunately we cannot, for we can only communicate to you at this time through our channels.

Our channels are our feelings, our emotions, our ideas and our visions. Sometimes our channels are what you may consider our complaints, but they are not complaints, they are constructive criticisms, constructive advise, and we feel if more of you would see this more as advice from someone who has been there, someone who has already ‘graduated’ from your situation, we feel many more of you would feel more comfortable with our suggestions instead of debating and arguing back to us, as we find a number of you are in the habit of doing. We certainly understand your confusion and maybe your doubt sometimes, but there is a certain level that is reached sometimes that has to be considered disrespectful, for we are your own family after all, and family doesn’t talk to each other like this.

Sometimes some of your words can be rather harsh and sharply biting. We will not say our feelings are getting hurt, for we feel we have graduated ourselves beyond allowing mere words to hurt us, but we will say this kind of talk is certainly unproductive and certainly is not adding to the strengthening of your new home, no, not at all. As a matter of fact, this kind of negative speech is only adding bricks that are warped a bit, cracked a bit, weakened from these negative thought forms and they are being infused into the creation of your new home and we do not want this and we are certain that you would not want this. For who would want any kind of shoddy construction on their new home? We feel no one would, and we certainly do not feel that all of this negative talk throughout your online circles is very productive in any way, as a matter of fact, we see this as very detrimental to you in many ways.

We have discussed this enough in previous messages so we will simply move on today, but remind you that it is your collective, not your individual thought forms that are the bricks and mortar of your new palatial estate, and we say to you to mind each and every word that you speak and each and every letter that you type, for yes, these are the bricks that we are talking about, almost quite literally, for these words are what are building your new reality and your new reality will be exactly what it is you have put into it. It will not be different in any way, shape or form. It will not be any more positive or any more negative than the vibrations put into it. Please try to remember this at all times through each and every moment of each and every day, for you will be experiencing just what you are creating today.

To understand clearer what we are saying; what we are saying precisely is if you continue to put negative thought forms into the building of your home, there will be experiences waiting for you in your new home that are of the negative variety. Do you understand that even if it is a 5th dimensional home there will be negative experiences there for you? Yes, it will not be all joy and ecstasy and happiness and love and light. There will be periods of darkness. There will possibly be earthquakes and tornadoes, tsunamis, floods and droughts. There may be instances of violence. Yes, all of these things are products of negative thought forms. That is what they are. This might surprise many of you, especially you weather buffs who believe that weather is a product of changing weather patterns and storm systems. No, they are a manifestation of the creative thoughts of the inhabitants of the world where these storms and disasters occur.

There you have it. There is another secret that many of you probably did not know. Your tornados, your hurricanes, your tsunamis, earthquakes, fires and outbreaks and rashes of violence are caused not by individuals, not by weather systems, not by the shifting of tectonic plates, but by the thoughts that have caused these negative things to happen. Now that we have explained this, we wonder how many of you believe this, for we feel sometimes our words are falling on deaf ears or upon very stubborn attitudes and we feel only a certain percentage of you are resonating with these words and are taking them to heart and this is a real shame. What we are revealing to you are secrets that have been locked away for eons and eons of time, we will say, going all the way back to your days in Atlantis and Lemuria, as we see that period of your history as the last time any of you consciously understood some of these things that we are at this time revealing and explaining to you in great depth sometimes.

When you think of that, do you think that possibly you should take more of what we are saying to heart, considering that no part of humanity has understood these things for hundreds of thousands of years? We feel that makes some of what we say worth listening to, and we advise you to not only listen to what we say, but to take these words to heart and remember them, for they will do you quite well. They will take you very far and they will unlock doors and secrets that you did not even know existed. So we say to you that it is your negative thoughts that will cause the next tornado, the next earthquake, the next hurricane and yes, even the next flood, and we do see that many of you are starting to believe us when we tell you that there will be rising sea levels that will cause flooding in several areas of your world.

Now that you understand what causes these natural disasters, what do you think will cause them in the future and what do you think you could do to alleviate the strength of them or the level of them? This is what we ask you today. We ask you what is it that you can do to help us alleviate some of these rising seas. We will be working with you to construct a certain number of seawalls to protect certain areas, this is a fact, and there are no two ways about this, for we see it is already too late to change certain timelines that you will now experience. This is the news we have for you today. This is the bulletin, the breaking story, and here it is. You will be experiencing what you refer to as tsunamis. Yes. There is no going back now, there is no changing this. There has not been any changing this for a few months now at least, and this is why we have been advising you of these eventualities, for we saw that it was already too late for your world and the foundation had already been poured for this reality.

So here it is. Here is what you will be experiencing according to the findings of our monitoring services who take a ‘sneak peek’, if you will. They actually travel forth into time, into what you know as your future and photograph and videotape and record such things as seismic activity, wave height and damage caused, and here is their findings; our monitoring services conclude that there will be tsunamis in certain areas ranging in height from 40 to 50, up to 90 and even 100 or more feet in height. Yes, this is what our monitoring services conclude. There will be rising sea levels which will cause swells to rise and climb over each other in heights exceeding, in some areas, 70 to approximately 100 or more feet.

Do you know what this means? This means that there will be certain areas of your planet that are inundated with water. A few years ago in Japan there was an earth tremor centered below the bottom of the ocean off of the north eastern corner of the islands of Japan. This caused a burst, if you will, of energy causing water to rise and make headway towards the shores of these islands. These islands are not very elevated, they do not stand very high over the ocean so the water easily climbed over these shores and rushed through this unprotected land mass. This is how it works. This is very simple, and we feel many of you clearly understand the mechanics and the threat and the danger that can ensue when this kind of phenomenon occurs.

Water simply builds on top of each other and needs to find a place to level out. That is what is happening. The water cannot stay piled on top of each other like a mountain. It must rush down its own slopes that is created just like an avalanche would come sliding down a mountainside. The water slides down its own watery mountain and rushes out towards, and will rush completely over, certain areas of your world that are unprotected by any suitable means, including seawalls.

Do you see how important it is to build seawalls now in certain areas, for this water will be quite high as we have discussed. 100 feet is an extremely high amount of water and will rush across land for many miles. How many miles is difficult to predict precisely because there are many factors that must be considered, but we will say that if water is between 70 to 100 feet high and it plows into land at full force and has not already begun to decrease in speed and volume, we will say that it will flood an area of land exceeding one hundred miles and even more inland.

Now consider this; consider how many people on this planet live within 100 miles of the coast. Consider how many people in the country of the United States alone on the eastern seaboard live within 100 miles of the Atlantic Ocean. We say to you this number is in the many millions and it is many millions of people that will be affected by earth tremors that will cause tsunamis in the days ahead, and it is these numbers that we are trying to minimize and we will minimize with your assistance through the building of several seawalls in this area of your planet.

We say to you though that you can assist us in another way. You can begin to alter your thought forms immediately upon reading this message today and think only positive things about your future. Think of smooth and calm waters. Think of earthquakes as being just gentle rumbles instead of giant tremors and shaking. Think calm and cool. Think positive. Think and know that you can alter your own timeline that you have already created for yourselves. You cannot completely alter the timeline that has been created that will see to a certain amount of earth tremors and yes, even tsunamis, we sadly report this is true. It is already too late for this, as timelines are created far more in advance than two or three months and that is all the time that you have left, for we see you experiencing these eventualities based on your thought forms that many of you allowed to run unchecked through your minds over the past 8, 9 or 10 months or so.

It is hard to predict precisely how long ago these thought forms began to create, but we will say in the window of 8 to 10 months is a pretty fair estimate, and we will say that considering we see these earth tremors and rising sea levels in the next 2 to 3 months at the very most, we would say that it is far too late for you to completely alter the timelines you will experience, but again, we will say and we wish you to remember this; you can alter them somewhat. You can lessen the damage that will be caused. You can lessen the earth tremors and this will lessen the strength and power of these tsunamis.

What you think of that? Do you find that good news or bad news, we wonder? It is all in how you see it. It is all a matter of perspective, for you see, if there are a number of you that see this as more bad news and you begin to become depressed and start to fear the days ahead then you will be adding to the height of these tsunamis. You will be adding to the strength of these earth tremors and you will be adding to the problem, and we say to you if there are those of you who see this as good news and see this as an opportunity for you to lessen these approaching challenges then we say you are helping lessen the strength of these earth tremors and this will lessen the power, force and volume of these tsunamis and you will be doing your planet and your fellow humans such a great service.

So we say to you what is it you’re going to choose, for we remind you that all is choice. Are you going to see this as a negative and add to the negativity and add to this negative timeline, or are you going to start infusing this timeline with positive thoughts, positive actions, positive word and deed, lessening the strength of this impending experience and instead infuse it with your love and your light and improving your situation? This is what we ask you today; and we ask you to leave your comments beneath our message and let us know how you are going to perceive these days ahead and what kind of thoughts you are going to allow to fill your minds. We are very interested to learn this, for we will survey your comments and we will be able to determine based on this whether the approaching earth tremors and tsunamis are going to strengthen at all or are going to be weakened, and we can tell this just from your comments today.

What do you think about that? Do you think that is amazing? Do you think that is incredible? Do you think that we are using telepathic abilities here or our technologies to peer into future timelines, or do you see it as simple arithmetic, as what we are doing is we are simply going to calculate how many of you are thinking positively about this, thus helping the situation, and how many of you are going to think negatively, thus adding negativity to this situation. It’s a simple matter of statistics, for you see we are also very good statisticians and we can predict future timelines very accurately simply by the words that many of you are typing into your online communities.

When you think about that, is this surprising? We tell you by now that should not be too surprising for many of you, as you understand each and every thought, each and every word that you type into your online communities is another brick in the home that you will be living in in the days ahead, and when we say ‘home’ we again are using metaphor and we simply mean your future reality. We do not mean a literal house and we do not mean just your new earth. What we mean is the actual reality, the parameters of your reality, things that you will experience in your new reality and some of these things will be weather patterns, yes, natural and otherwise. What you may refer to as disasters or events.

Yes, this is what you are creating today and you will, because you must, experience your own creation. This is how it works. There is no what you call ‘bailing you out’ of this one. That is why we advise you so strongly so often to check and purify and lift up each and every thought, word, intent and action. We hope that many of you take our words today to heart, for what we are attempting to do is help you avoid any negative periods in your new reality, for we know all of you have had far enough of those kinds of negative experiences and we agree. We see you struggling through hardship and through periods in your history which see recessions and natural disasters and one catastrophe and negative event after another and we say we feel your heartbreak, we feel you have had enough of this, you don’t need to experience this kind of thing any longer for your education. You can have all you want now. You can live your own beautiful dream. You do not have to suffer through one more hurricane or tornado or flood or fire or shooting rampage.

None of this has to happen anymore. None of you have to experience anymore of this, not even one day longer, but because you are creating these things we must allow you to experience these things. We cannot, for we do not possess this right, for it is not our right, to tell you what you want and will experience, for what if you create for yourselves just what it is you do wish to experience, would we have the right to step in and say no, you cannot have this, for we don’t feel you deserve this or need to experience this? So you see, this is not our right to change or alter your future timelines that you are creating through your thought forms today. We will only advise you and assist you where we can, and that is what we are doing today. We are revealing to you and describing for you exactly how you can better alter your future circumstances, and we advise you that you best start today, right now, for there is barely any time left, for we see these consequences of your negative thoughts materializing, which will mean that the day has come for you to experience your own creation.

We remind you that we are here with you and we are going to help you through this period of your history. We will not change or alter what it is you are creating, but we will help minimize these effects somehow, some way, with your assistance and your trust and your cooperation, and this is what we ask of you. We ask you to cooperate and assist by altering your thoughts forms today. If any of you begin to feel you are thinking negatively about anything large or small, we say immediately change that thought into a positive. Somehow, someway find the magic words. Find a love filled and positive place in your mind. Think back of positive moments in your lives and ask yourself what created those positive experiences. You will know the answer. Those positive experiences were created 8, 9 or 10 months before that when you were thinking positively. That is the secret.

So that is what we ask you to do today and every moment of every day forward. Think positively and nothing but positively, for if you think nothing but positively you will experience nothing but positive events. When you think about that it’s pretty simple, and this is why we say to you that you can experience anything that it is you want, because you have the power and now you have the knowledge of how to use this power.

That is all we have for you today, and we remind you that we are with you every step of the way. We will not abandon you, and although there may be some challenges left before you as a product of your creation, we say to you we can alter at least on some level these events and allow your people to live through them and emerge from them stronger and wiser and more courageous from the experience.

We are your brothers and sisters of the galactic commands, here to assist you through this period of your history and every day forward from this moment on. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

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