How Can We Ever Forgive The Tyrants?

How Can We Ever Forgive The Tyrants?

Author Unknown

As this takedown of the criminal cartel proceeds—-we must pay careful attention to how we are reacting to it. Let us always remember to pay heed not to damage ourselves through highly charged emotions of rage, longing for revenge, bitterness and hatred.

Yes we have all been hurt by this terrible evil. But—-in dealing with
those who have demonstrated that they have no integrity—-we must take
heed not to loose our own.

Here is something I discovered that greatly helped me—-and so I offer it to you.

It is simply adding a new perspective to your belief system. All the
corruption—-financial, political, judicial—-and all the lies and
deceptions—-and all the useless slaughter of war—-and all the swindle
and theft amounting to trillions which was intended to utterly weaken
and destroy you—-has instead acted as a driving CATALYST causing you to
seek the truth and settle for nothing less. This is a factor which the
controlling thugs and gangsters did not count on.

This CATALYST activated us to seek.

Seek what?

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