Focus on your growth and resist all attempts to distract you. ~ Archangel Michael


Focus on your growth and resist all attempts to distract you. ~ Archangel Michael

Channeled by Ron Head  

It is important that we speak to you again this day. You have received a great deal of new information. You have also received a great deal of re-worked and expanded misinformation. All efforts to place more fear and doubt into your minds are being employed at this time.

Many lightworkers are still confused enough to read and circulate these things. “What if we are wrong? What if this is correct?” you think. After all these lifetimes of indoctrination and bad experiences, we certainly understand. It is very, very easy to let yourselves be influenced in this way. Dear friends, we ask that you refrain from spreading these things when you see them. It would be best if you ignored them altogether.

There will indeed be occasional happenings which you would wish to avoid. There always have been. But it serves no useful purpose for you to circulate stories predicting massive catastrophes. We could make a very long list of things which you are being told will cause widespread destruction at this time. We might also point out that you have been told repeatedly that everything is on track and your new world will be manifest in a matter of months. We think it is time for you to choose which scenario you wish to believe.

We know you follow various communications from angels, archangels, masters, and star peoples. We know you have developed a sense of discernment as to what is true and what is not. Yet you allow yourselves to be knocked off-center by these things. Some of these are well intentioned forecasts by people who see circumstances that exist but have no inkling of the flow of events that the Divine has set in motion. Others are simply the re-hashing of old predictions by those who wish to keep you off balance as much as possible.

This will diminish as we get closer to your final awakening, but they will continue to hang on until they have no further recourse. Many of them actually believe they are in the right. Many simply refuse to let go. But, as it becomes more and more obvious that it is over, many are ‘seeing the light’ for the first time.

There will be quite a few surges of good news in the next weeks. Watch for them and look for the possibilities of good even in stories that are reported as negative. Your media is not fully free to report the truth yet, even when they see it. But you have noticed several instances of their testing the scope of their freedom even now. You will see more quite soon.

To shorten our message for today, maintain your connection and focus on your growth and resist all attempts to distract you. We are with you. Indeed we are there in your hearts. You are dearly loved and protected. Be at peace in your hearts and we will speak again soon. Good day.

Channel: Ronald Head.

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