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      I have been looking into ALL this for some time.

     In my efforts to find as much truth as possible, I found allies.

     As most know, Neil Keenan and I work very closely together on most of this.

     Regarding the link below, I must say, the fear factor is still there…

     However, it must be noted that as ALL these ‘institutions’ (government & private) lose their economic power, most of these situations can not come into reality.

     If this were possible, does anyone think all of us would be allowed to continue to object?

     So…I offer that as the simple proof that we are winning…

     As we go through this, keep in mind that the ‘cabal’ is still dangerous, and can cause problems for any of us. However, do not look at that fear as controlling or limiting.

     Do not back off as ‘they’ would have you do.

     Refuse to accept anything less than unconditional surrender.

     Take a close look at the actions to understand that the ‘given’ of protection no longer applies. That the ‘ticket’ to ride is now in question. They very well know this, and is why

the nasty actions are being more and more limited. They are now looking to find a safe place to hide.

Those who know and are aware, know better, and are simply waiting for us to come for them.

      As I have said before, do NOT take matters into your own hands. This has to be as smooth a transition as possible, where we take the high road of adjudication instead of their offers of slavery and death.

      This is THE proof we are better than they are, just that simple.

      Soros would not take the actions he did without knowing what is coming…in June of this year too.

I strongly suggest ALL of us do likewise. Convert most (if not all) paper assets into a hold in your hand

commodity. Silver offers a low cost way of doing this, and junk silver (US Coin) is recognized by everyone.

      Think about this very carefully.


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