Falling In Love With Life! A Dreamtime Intervention By AuroRa Le June 4, 2012

Falling In Love With Life! A Dreamtime Intervention By AuroRa Le June 4, 2012

By AuroRa Le

☼ Last night I did a bit of out-of-body travel, which is something I’m being allowed to remember in greater and greater detail, these days. I went to a familiar destination, which is a place I’ve been told is in the 6th Dimension. The scenery was the same as always; a pretty beach with pinkish-gold sand (which we fly over), clear aquamarine waves, interesting looking houses dotting the cliffs, lots of large seashells, and beings of all types hanging out and enjoying the day. This beach is quite unique in that the sea creatures-such as dolphins, whales and manatee- swim right up to the shoreline; and I exclaimed in awe, as I always do, to Uriel (my partner in flight) that the smaller beings who I assume are the children are petting the cetaceans’ noses and snouts! I’ve been visiting this place with Uriel during dreamtime, ever since I was a child, and the landscape never changes. There is one particular Victorian looking beachhouse that we always go to, and I’ve recently been made aware that this is a favorite meeting place for several of the Councils, including my own. Some of the details of what we did there last night is still fuzzy, but it was clearly to give me some sort of pep-talk. To re-ignite my fire for life, to acquaint me with my new mission and to get me excited again about the amazing buffet of experiences offered to only to those incarnated on Planet Earth. In other words, it was kind of like a “you-get-to-do-this-and-we-don’t-so-you’d-better-enjoy-it” type of vibe! I was told that this message was not just for me, but for all of the Wayshowers out there who are, themselves, trying to find their own way. And it went something like this…

☼ I remember a few of the girls of the Council were there, along with my newly rediscovered friend Declan, Uriel, Raphael and some aquaintances from the ship whose names I forgot. Telepathically, they were trying to convey to me that, quite honestly, that the grass is not always greener on the other side of solar system. There is a great deal of serious work going on back home on the ship, and not all of it is sunshine and lollipops. My situation on Earth is a good one, a comfortable and happy one, and the latest collection of jobs I’ve been assigned to do ‘on-planet’ are of far more use to the Universal Collective than my regular position with the Galactic Federation of Light could ever be. Especially at this very crucial juncture in the Ascension timeline. It was explained that not just myself, but most Starseed and Lightworkers are feeling burned out. That we feel we’ve served our purposes and now we’re done; time to beam us all up and get us out of here; we’re over it; we’re bored; we’re tired; chapter closed; on to bigger and better things. Well, as it turns out, this is not exactly true. The fact is-the most important assignment of our human lives is only just beginning….

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