In the Face of an Avalanche of Information, Take the Shortcut


What feeds our faith comes from an unseen source
What feeds our faith comes from an unseen source

In the Face of an Avalanche of Information, Take the Shortcut

Posted by on March 6, 2013

You can see that today alone Suzanne Lie gave us a complete description of the Ascension process involved in full restoration of consciousness, Sheldan Nidle described the arrival of NESARA and first contact, Jesus describes the impact of the truths that will soon be revealed, world figures are dying or being replaced – and the day is still young.

This can seem like a wall of information and it continues and grows daily.  Well, you can try to keep up. Those who have full-time jobs may find this a relentless pace.

Or you can take the shortcut and go easy on yourself by getting the only avenue left to us if we want to master this journey with as little stress and confusion as possible and that is to let go of everything else – every agenda, every intention, every thought – other than those that accord with the divine qualities. (I would risk calling this a “conversion” for the religious among us.)

Only the divine qualities will suffice now and the divine qualities are all we need anyways.  They’re our inner compass, the gas in our tank, and our Onstar system.

And perhaps first among them for the subject in question – the survival skill embedded among the divine qualities – is what is called “faith.”  Linda Dillon and Graham Dewyea have reviewed faith or trust at length on Heavenly Blessings and I don’t want to duplicate their work here.

But what I do want to do is to “sell it” to you as our Onstar during these times.

The avalanche of information flowing from the Company of Heaven at this time is consistent – more or less. Every one of our sources is acknowledging that we’re on the road to full restoration of our consciousness. All are acknowledging NESARA. All are discussing the nearness of Disclosure.

If in December we were shaken and disappointed, the relentless pace of consistent information should be enough to reassure us now that what the Company of Heaven told us then is true – we have rejigged the schedule so that more than the 30 percent can ascend and we continue to be on a steady and fast-paced march towards the event of our Ascension.

I suggest that it’ll serve us to give up our doubts in that regard and surrender to the process. Giving up our doubts is one way of restoring faith.

The basic agreement of science fiction is that the reader or viewer suspends disbelief for the period of reading or viewing the yarn. I suggest that the basic agreement here as well be to suspend disbelief for the period between now and the arrival of full restoration – if we want an easy and comfortable ride.

But these are strategies to restore faith. We’re needing less and less to “restore” faith because, as we expand under the impact of the energies being beamed to Earth, our essential nature asserts itself more and more and our essential nature is “faith-full.”

Faith, like hope, is another name for acting on our inner knowing. What feeds our faith comes from an unseen source – the soul. I’m sitting here at this moment and feeling full of faith and I recognize it as a quality that comes from inner knowing.  But that inner knowing has been released in the course of my expansion.  It wasn’t there a month or two ago … and it is now.

It being here, I can examine it. And I see it arises from a soul knowing of the reality of all that the Company of Heaven is saying. Yes, they are terrible with dates. Yes, we’ve been kept waiting, so to speak, until we’re ready to drop. Yes, they may not tell us the whole enchilada, may allow us to go down a wrong street, may speak ambiguously at times, etc.

But the overall movement towards full restoration and a Golden Age is something we can rely on and I say that because of the existence of this state of being inside of me that characteristically goes by the name of “faith.”

But it isn’t “faith” as was known to the religions. That is like saying that the love you see on Dallas is Love. It isn’t. And the faith I feel at the moment is not the kind that’s sold in churches and other places of worship. It’s an expression of the soul, of the soul’s knowing. And how it knows, what it knows, the soul doesn’t say. At least not in words. The soul speaks a wordless language, which we feel more than hear.

We used to think that people of faith were naieve, cardboard characters who wanted to escape from reality by downing the opiate of the masses. Maybe some were. But all of us immersed in Third-Dimensional reality were cardboard characters.

As we move into higher-vibrational states, we’re less and less cardboard. But we can see that faith has remained. In fact it has blossomed. The fact that it stays with us, and only truth can survive in these higher dimensions we’re entering, should reassure us that faith is real.

Greed has not survived. Drama and “looking out for number one” have not survived – or won’t much longer. But faith has. Again we can take the long route and reason the whole thing out for ourselves or we can take the short route and simply drop our mistrust of faith and go by that inner knowing, that inner compass, that Onstar system that will guide us Home.




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