Enjoy this Day to Its Fullest – Michael Channeled by Ron Head

Enjoy this Day to Its Fullest – Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

And so, it is upon you, dear friends. The unmistakable rise in the energies of light and love has begun. In addition, your biggest worries are beginning to prove unfounded. There is still, in your world, enough fear and worry to manifest these catastrophes. However we are delighted to see that the love and light you are bringing to bear is daily winning out over the fear, even though the numbers of you would not appear to be large enough.

Light is always ascendant, dear ones. And your numbers are far, far greater than you imagine. You are a part of a universal host of uncountable number. As you join your meditations and visualizations this day, feel the power you have brought to bear. Feel us holding you in loving embrace. See all you have dreamed and longed for these many thousands of your years coming to pass before your mind’s eye. See all resistance melting away as divine love replaces it in your entire solar system; for you have enabled far reaching changes that have hardly crossed your minds, my friends.

When you change yourselves, you change your world, and when you change your world, you change the universe. This ascension, as you term it, reaches beyond your ability to comprehend, at least with the intellect. Soon you will be seeing things with a mind that will not have such restrictions. In that regard, we would now offer a tiny piece of advice, if we may. We see so many of you dreaming of what you will become, and that is a marvelous thing. We have indeed encouraged it. But we would point out that you are, in your true selves, already these wondrous beings. Achieving these things is not something you need try for. You are now as you are because it is necessary to what you have come to accomplish. We say to you that, if you simply relax into the flow of what you are becoming, it will come to you easily and painlessly in divine timing. Wonder at what you see happening to and around you, however, is fun. Is it not? That we highly recommend….

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