The Elites Want Terms ~ Please Vote!!

The Elites Want Terms ~ Please Vote!!

Posted By C K Rich

The Elites apparently have seen the Light…

Or at least the light of torches heading their way for mass arrests. So now they want ‘Terms’ or else…

They will bomb us and all out war and they will fight tile the end!

While I have my view point on this, I will not pass it on to others that read this blog. Remember the Galactics have technologies to prevent any weapons from firing, especially missiles & nukes!

So you have been asked to Vote a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for these Terms. I feel these are a basic is a given, but those in charge want to see where the American people stand….


So please go to either of these 2 sites to read & place your Vote:

Email your vote answers of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to

The Voting closes on Sat 6-9-12 at noon ET.

Thanks for your participation!


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