The Earth Was Our Common Home – Lady Ifegena through EnnKa June 10, 2012

The Earth Was Our Common Home – Lady Ifegena through EnnKa June 10, 2012

Channeled through EnnKa–-lady-ifegena-through-ennka-june-10-2012

People of Earth, I speak to you today from the Dragon Realm. We strengthen our energies now. Your bodies are now able to absorb ever increasing energy.

We combine our efforts with the other Realms. The Earth Elementals, Air Elementals, and the world of Fairies, Goblins and Trolls intensify our efforts. All of us are still invisible to you, but we exist. We live in the fifth Dimension and beyond. All our Realms were persecuted by the dark forces and wrongly accused of having committed acts against you people.

Acts committed by the forces of darkness itself. Trolls and Goblins, the Dwarves also have always wanted only good for the people . This also includes us Dragons. We are in the eastern parts of the world known as a lucky charm. In China, we are still revered today. The knowledge of our positive attitude towards you is there still in existence. Humans and Dragons lived together and we helped each other, depending on what it was. But we were more the protectors of the people. The Earth was our common home.

I am telling you all this so that you lose the fear of us. We want to live together again with you, not as pets, but like good neighbors. For we love Earth  and we miss her.

I am Lady Ifegena and bring greetings from the Dragon Realm.

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