How to get Earth to Ascension faster! Simple answer but a difficult job!


How to get Earth to Ascension faster! Simple answer but a difficult job!

By C K Rich


The Main Goal is for Earth to ascend and us with her! Crystalline Grid is the key! Crystalline Grid is a grid around planet Earth from atmosphere to the very soil that holds energy in forms of emotion, action, thought, memory or imprint. Example if you are sensitive to energies you can go to a land where huge battlefield had taken place 100 years ago and you would feel it. You would feel the vibration of that place and emotions of those in the battle. That is changing with the shift that is happening. The Cristalline Grid doesn’t respond to emotion anymore no matter how big it is, especially WARS. There is no more balance of Dark & Light, Good & Bad, Black & White. For the kids all over the world don’t belong to that paradigm for they have already ascended. They are the Bright Colors, the Rainbows of the Earth, which we are so desiring to become after ascension. That’s why whatever they do, it doesn’t make sense to their parents or grandparents that belong to the Old Paradigm and old balances of Dark & Light. Their consciousness lives by the rules of higher dimensions where there is only Light. The rules that don’t limit but expand! That’s how GFL measure our readiness for ascension. By measuring the Crystalline Grid, they measure our consciousness and vibrational frequency as a whole collective of humanity. Every action we take, every decision we make gets recorded in Crystalline Grid. Guess who changed the Crystalline Grid, it was us, the old souls, lightworkers through out 200,000 years lifetime after lifetime just by existing and living our light. Now we are almost there. And all it takes is just act impeccably and create more light and increase the vibrational frequency of the planet to a certain degree so that Crystalline Grid will be able to merge or plug in with the ascending energies. And then Earth will ascend and us with her. All it takes for us lightworkers to eliminate all the old ways of thinking and doing, lower dimensional habits, addictions, attachments, and of course negative emotions and thought patterns. Elimination all of that which we as lightworkers own as our exam papers to eventually pass the test, will lead to a rapid ascension of the planet. Solution of problems create light. All it takes is less than a half percent of Earth population to change the whole planet and Crystalline Grid to one which can ascend. And that half percent is all old souls! Let’s do it!

If you wish to get more details on this listen to this channeling:

Also this is the vibrational scale 0 -1000 that you can always measure your vibrational state with:

Here is the explanation on that scale:

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