EARTH ANGELS. ~ Faith, Awareness And Unconditional Love. ~ September 17, 2012.


EARTH ANGELS. ~ Faith, Awareness And Unconditional Love. ~ September 17, 2012.

By, AuroRa Le ( Bella Capozzi )

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Good day, Dear Ones.  And such a lovely day it is.  Before you we stand in heartfelt anticipation of the journey upon which you shall be lead.  Join and be one with us as,  effortlessly, we lift you up.   High above the fear and confusion soon to overtake those who’s faith lie fallow, you soar unbound and free.  You are in this world, yes, but scarcely are you of it.  Remember this one simple thing, and the madness shall not touch you.  Be unwavering in your dedication to all things loving and Godly.  Your hearts brim with compassion, and you oft fear for those whom you love-the ones you fear have chose unwisely.  You worry that they shall be left behind.  Please be aware that none shall ever be forsaken, though their journey  may well be of a longer duration.

These hearts of yours, they are what make you the great healers that you are.  However, know that you may lead your flock to water, but you cannot make them drink.  Like all else, this must be their choice.  Freewill cannot be overriden, and each soul partook of his journey in full awareness and complete control of what would comprise their Earthly Human experience.  Be prepared to respond to their queries and, by all means, assure them they are not alone.  Your goodness is contagious and your lightness inspiring.  There are opportunities aplenty for them to yet awaken.

Before you winds a Golden Path, and at the end a Golden Door.  Beyond the door, your brilliant future awaits you.  Yet it is not the future, necessarily, as all time is now.  Securely within your possession is the key to this door.  You have had it always.  It arrived with you, a part and parcel of your arsenal of tools, through which you would escort in the new Aquarian Age.  Feel for this key now, and see it clearly in your mind’s eye.  It dangles from a smooth satin ribbon around your neck.  A glistening platinum, it feels heavy and cool against your heart.  You sense intuitively that this key is there, that it has always been there, and herein lies the first step in your awakening.  The awareness.  The knowing.  The certainty that you possess by Divine right everything that is required to ascend out of the shadows and into the Golden Light.  There is nary a one amongst you who is not in possession of such gifts.

Trust in God, and you cannot falter.  Believe in yourself and in your own inborn skills to commune with spirit, and to know and sense what is right.  It is within each of your natures to see us and hear our voices, deep within yourselves.  You must trust implicitly in that which you know in your heart to be of truth.  Clear-knowing, clear-feeling, clarity of voice and of vision…all of which comes from within and not from without.  For this is the Old Way, the way you have always known.  Thus you were before, and so you shall be again.  So reclaim your birthright now, and believe.  Then, go forth and tell the others.  For these are the days of feasts and miracles.  Recognize the signs, as they are all around you.  Walk along  the Golden Pathway of faith.  Enter, then go beyond the door.  Be peaceful and abundant, and rest easy in the knowing that you are, forever, unconditionally loved.

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